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  1. Hello, new to this site! Just bought a 2019 Chevy 2500hd ltz duramax with power folding sport mirrors but I wanted the tow mirrors. The dealership said they would put on tow mirrors for me! I said great! Well low and behold after I signed the papers and purchased it the were not powerfold and my seat memory wont even work with mirrors! I’ve been going around and around with dealership but they say they can’t put power fold on cause it won’t work! Any way I know it will cause been reading blogs on this and can be done! The current harnesss installed r 84290982 and 84290965 so I’m thinkin all I need is the power folding mirrors 84228891 drivers side and 84228894 passenger side w/temp for diesel k40! Please if anyone knows that this will work please advise! I have a dl3 button for power fold in my 67,000 dollar truck that won’t work and it’s not right!
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