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  1. ordered it precut, quality vinyl, it was that forum that I found the guy, but this is the link graphics-lbk.myshopify.com
  2. I added vinyl to the hood to emphasize the scoop. Harder to see on mine In the pics bc the blue Is so dark, but it still stands out.
  3. Hard to see on my dark blue, but figured out the install today. I was concerned with the placement the entire time, so much so that the level of difficulty in terms of applying it never crossed my mind. That said, it turned out perfectly placed and zero flaws. The tips provided in the other video are right on point and never will I have issues with laying an intermediate vinyl accent From here on. Thank you again!
  4. Good deal, placed my order already, feeling pretty good abt it. I have seriously been looking for this since last August
  5. I am abt to order the smaller one where would I tape off on that one? I have done graphics on my Camaro before, but never like this. I wish someone had provided instructions that were this detailed, it took some time to understand the process before, but that video is awesome.
  6. So, I have the MX4 on my 19 Silverado with the auto drop. There is a really slim margin for error, but even still, to create the seal, the tailgate may not always drop automatically. You can play with it some, thats what I had to do, but it does work. And for some reason it even works if I hit the auto drop a few times if it doesn’t come down on its own the first time. Likely not much help, but I feel your pain and it will subside lol
  7. I like that, I would just want gloss instead of matte
  8. It took me no time to do mine, Plug n play, highly recommend!
  9. That looks good, I saw in another post you were looking at tires, the Nittos are real good imo
  10. Finally took a better pic after some polish and wax today.
  11. Fresh polish and wax before the rain sets in, also went ahead and removed the bottom of the front bumper
  12. Your paint looks what are you using to get that shine? Looks wet in all 3 pics
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