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  1. you need to hire a lemon law attorney. 75 days out of service qualifies for lemon law and them to replace or get you out of that truck. The only way to proceed is legal action. Good luck.
  2. 2020 Chevrolet Silverad0 RST 1500 build date 9/19 with rear window leak
  3. yes that will work too but I think it would be good to pressure GMC on a national level so they stop messing with everyone and their time to go through the process of first seal the window, then seal again, then replace the window. By the time they are done your truck looks used and you've wasted so much time with them.
  4. yeah I just want out of mine. I spent about 3 K on wheels and tires and a leveling kit and another 2,500 bucks on a shell. The truck looks amazing but what a disappointment. I had a Toyota tundra for 17 years with not a single issue and decided to try GMC...….never again.
  5. True but it will force GMC and the dealers to take action immediately and it might make it easier for us to get out of these vehicles or into a new one with less of a headache
  6. let's go after these guys. GMC and the dealerships are not dealing with our headache and stress to put us in this hardship so they need to pay the price.
  7. we need to file a class action lawsuit to GM and the dealership for shipping defective product to the market with out testing it knowing there has been a manufacturing issue. We can also turn this into a health hazard issue as the leak will create mold and when mold starts growing in your truck from the leak it can be toxic and a huge health hazard. I don't know about you but I'm making payments on a 50K dollar truck that I cant drive because they are taking forever to fix it. We need to all go after GM in a big way.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm on my second Chevy Silverado with a rear window leak. My 2019 RST within 2 weeks of purchase started leaking from the rear window. I brought it to the dealership and they butchered my repair dented the side panel and scratched my window leaving a huge mess of caulking. This was after 10 days of them having my truck. I went home and put a hose on it and it started to leak. Back to the dealership I go. The dealership did a water test and they called me and said the upper anterior was damaged from the water test. Long story short, they had my truck over 30 days with no solution so they got me into a 2020 for the same price. It's been 6 weeks and the first rain came and guess what.....rear window is leaking on my brand new 2020 RST! This is a 50K truck, GMC is aware of the issue and they are not providing a solution. We need to file a class action lawsuit against general motors or the dealership if they will not get us out of these defective trucks. There is also a mold issue if the leak is bad and it does not dry out. Mold is toxic to adults and children so this should now be a safety hazard. Let's go after GMC, we don't deserve this kind of stress and our time out of work to try and get our vehicles fixed. I will find an attorney and I will email the US attorney General as they WILL help if enough of us come together. My personal email is [email protected] I'm in Southern California. Time for all of us to be taken care of. Dave Heath
  9. Mine is leaking too and this could be a safety issue because water creates mold and mold is toxic. We need to all get together and file a class action suite against GMC asap.
  10. My 2019 was in the dealership for 7 days and all they did was seal it and it looks awful. I bring it home and put the hose in it and it’s still leaking. My truck is 4 weeks old and brand new
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