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  1. I went from a 2018 Yukon XL to my 2021 Silverado 3500. I owned a diesel before (LBZ) and really wanted to get into a new one. After realizing that my budget just would not accommodate a diesel with any options whatsoever, I took a hard look at what else was available. I have never liked Ford, and I knew too many people with bad Ram experiences. I considered the Tundra, but ended up sticking with GM. I was ultimately deciding between a 6.2 trailboss and the 3500 gasser. Since the 3500 had leather, heated seats, Z71, etc, and payload wise would be better for pulling our camper, I went with it.
  2. Yep I’m in Colorado, sounds like 85 is the way to go, thanks all!
  3. Hey all, I know that 87 is the “recommended” octane, but has anybody run 85? Any issues?
  4. I apologize if this is an on-going thread elsewhere... So I just bought a new-to-me 2018 Yukon XL and have been experiencing a lot of ear pressure (almost like being on a plane) while driving it. It seems to be related to the suspension noise resonating through the cabin. I’ve read where this has been an issue for a lot of folks but was hoping GM had figured it out by the 2018 model year, but haven’t seen where a fix has been found. Has anybody with same issue found/heard of any fixes?
  5. Hello all! I just bought a 2018 Yukon XL and the dealer did not have another key and fob for it. Anybody know of a good way (other than the dealer) to get an own key and fob? Thanks!
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