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  1. So here's another question, do all trucks with bose have one harness or two harness? Mine is a 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500HD with Bose.
  2. Hello all, I have a question. I am installing a pioneer stereo in my 2003 chevy Silverado. I have steering wheel controls and bose system that I want to keep but I dont care for the OnStar. Is there a harness like this or should I just straight splice the original factory harness with the new stereo? Thanks!
  3. Hi all I'm James, I have a 2003 Silverado 1500hd. My first truck and I love it. It's pretty much stock but I'll be looking into doing some updates. I'm from the PNW.
  4. I really appreciate the parts info and I'll just need to make sometimes this weekend to look at connections and grounds then work my way up. I think this happened because I was stomping on the gas because I liked the way the truck sounded while driving. It might not have liked that so it could be the throttle or the pedal. But as of now I'm just taking it easy. Thanks again. Oh shoot I'm sorry I meant to write 2003 1500hd 6.0 lol my apologies!
  5. Hi Marc I've enjoyed reading your write ups, I really appreciate all the info. I'll look and see what I find and hope it's nothing too bad. Thanks!
  6. Ok thanks I'll check those out and see what I find. Thank for the help!
  7. I haven't pulled codes yet but it'll probably be same as others not sure. At the moment it just happened and want to know the locations of the grounds.
  8. Same thing as described above, "reduced engine power" today was the first time that it happened. Went to turn it on about 20 mins later and power was good but check engine light was on.
  9. Does anyone have the locations of the grounds that I would need to check?
  10. Well that's unfortunate. I just bought a truck and the dealer had the IP put for servicing due to gauges not working and now the DIC buttons are not working. I've read that if there an IP that is not flashed for DIC then those buttons wont work. And with your information now leads me to believe that this is not the original IP and was lied to about the miles.
  11. Hi all! I have a question about speedometers. Is it possible to buy a used one with less miles online and put that in the truck with out matching the original miles? I tired to search for topic but didn't see anything that matched. Thanks in advance!
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