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  1. Also making transmissions for over 100 years you would think they had it down pat. This is one of the issues when you sub it out to the lowest bidder. I just don't understand why ruin your reputation for a couple of bucks. The paint chips so easily as well. I remember in the 90's GMC had a commercial having metal ball bearing dropped on the paint showing it's professional grade. Now I get chipped by a grain of sand. But this tranny in stop and go makes you nauseous. Slamming into 2nd every dam time.
  2. I bought a 7 year warranty, I guess if it breaks down I should be ok for at least that time.
  3. Scotty Kilmer did say don't buy any FCA product lol. I had a 2017 Ford F150 with 3.5 eco and 10 speed. The transmission was very clunky and the engine had chain rattle at around 16,000 miles. Is there no car/truck that is quality anymore? The dealership is trying to get me into a 10 speed elevation. Will try it out before signing.
  4. And I taught the 10 speed is better. I test drove the new RAM with the ZF 8speed huge difference. Smooth and fast shifting.
  5. The truck looks amazing, but the transmission ruins the experience. Why would they knowingly put something in a vehicle that does not work properly? That is not how to keep a customer for the long run.
  6. Well I got stuck in an hour long stop and go traffic and every time from stop when it shifted into 2nd it slammed, sometimes not so hard sometimes it felt like the transmission was about to break off. If I start with slow throttle, then it slammed real hard but if harder gas it shifted with less force. It does it cold, warm, it does it all the time. I fear driving it in stop and go cause that is when you feel the full crappiness of the shifting. And has on a couple of occasions almost stalled while waiting at a red light. Really frustrated.
  7. It's the 5.3, and it goes to about 200-300 RPMs with auto start/stop turned off. You can feel the engine shudder and then go back to normal. After owning it for a year it just started doing this.
  8. It stops nicely, no shudder only after about 10-20 seconds it feels as thou it's about to stall. And yes the RPM's drop during that 10-20 seconds. It never did it before. I'm afraid to take it up north for the long weekend, don't want to be stranded.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Now for a couple of days while stopped at a red light my engine stumbles and feels like it's about to stall. It happens about 20 seconds while stopped already. Does not always do it but has done it twice in 3 days.
  10. I guess I f it does no damage, if they do nothing I'll live with it. After highway driving I get the rough shift for about a mile or 2. When cold it shifts smoothly. Weird transmission.
  11. I tried, they don't want to do it. I guess I have to go back again.
  12. It does it cold or hot. Sometimes worse when feathering the throttle.
  13. Hi I have a 2019 GMC Sierra Elevation with the 8 speed, and was wondering if the 1st to 2nd rough shift is normal for this transmission? Sometimes it shifts without noticing anything and sometimes it slams into 2nd. Been to dealership like 5 times, last time they updated the program so 2nd to 1st rough shift was fixed but still have intermittent 1st to 2nd. Is this normal or should keep going back? I test drove an 2020 8 speed RAM and that was smooth like butter. Again thanks for replies .
  14. My 19 Sierra Elevation with 8 speed is ok, unless you do a lot of stop and go. then around 10 mph/ 20kph it jerks when you let off the gas and when you get back on the gas. It gets nauseating after about 45 minutes of stop and go. Other then that all good.
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