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  1. https://youtube.com/shorts/wMVCIOi1brM here’s a video of the diverter/BOV adapter installed you can also here the muffler I have. Now that I have a you tube channel I’ll try to remember to upload a video of just the exhaust sometime soon
  2. Should be getting the turbo adapter plate for the diverter valve tomorrow. Once installed should be able to hear the BOV since it’ll be dumping to atmosphere rather then recirculating. Also just got the mud guard deletes in and installed. Clears the 35’s at full lock now and looks a lot better.
  3. Truck is doing good drove cross country with no problems. Been towing a wave runner pretty regularly and it pulls it with no problems even when making the trip all the way up to big bear and back down to the coast. I need to get the piggyback hook up from rough country so I can see the proper speed and my mileage is correct. I will say if you get the 6 inch lift make sure you get the lifted struts and upgraded rear shocks. If you don’t and try to drive off road the rough country name will really show. HAHAHA
  4. You should pre order the down pipe and pioneer the unknown. Plus you’ll be able to hear that turbo even better and then just do what I did and swap out the muffler and ditch the drone valve. I’m waiting for the scorcher next but ultimately gonna pickup both the scorcher and down pipe to pair with the intake. Good for me is I’m moving to San Diego so I’ll be a quick drive to AFE HQ. If I can get my truck to burble I think that’ll be pretty awesome.
  5. So with the AFE CAI I e been getting some repetitive check engine lights. On star says it’s the emission system or the drivetrain / engine. After getting a scanner on it, the readout says emissions high purge valve and MAF. Quick and easy fix. Disconnect the battery and re connect it. That way the ECU recalibrate’s rather then trying earn you that the purge valve is messed up. After disconnecting the battery and resetting the system the engine is running a lot smoother but the turbo is a little quieter now. ?. Not sure if this is a real fix but it seems to work. God I just want a tuner.
  6. Get over to AFE and pre-order that down pipe. That way they won’t discontinue it. I’m waiting till next year to get it.
  7. To be honest with the 35s I can’t give accurate statement to that. As I said in an earlier post though the turbo spools sooner and it feels like it has a little more acceleration. Other then that you can hear that turbo breathe and in hard pulls you can hear the BOV oh so faintly. My MPG went back up a little too. Only when I’m not trying to hear the turbo though. ???
  8. Originally it was supposed to be a fuel economy truck since I’m moving from Florida to California but since I don’t own any motorcycles or race cars right now the Tuner bug bit me. Again. So that is my real reason. Now I know you probably want to stir the pot so I’ll act like I meant to buy it like I had these plans in mind. So let’s start this carnival ride up. Reason 1. Diesel and 6.2 way more expensive. If I was trying to get the new body style I can’t afford a $75,000 Trucks and still tune it. 2. Why not help out the R&D in smaller engines Ford has an Ecoboost in the Raptor and the Ford GT. They seem to be pretty dang fast 3. Can’t get a 1500 with a spinny boy. Unless you get the 5.3 and add twins. That’d be cool, but that’s a shit ton of money in parts and tuning. 4. The conversational aspect of “yeah it’s a 4cyl turbo” Gets a lot more attention then the old played out V-8. 5. Plus I like hearing that little turbo spool. It makes me smile. But seriously there wasn’t any parts available for this truck when I got it and didn’t plan on doing anything to it. Now that I am I’m just trying to spread my experience and knowledge so that of people want to upgrade they can get some answers from and idiot like me that just happens to like turning wrench’s.
  9. I’m interested in seeing what my MPG will look like after the intake especially after I just put 35’s on 20’s with a 6 inch lift kit. Cause right now I’m looking at 14mpg. I drive fast so don’t think it’s the best MPG.
  10. I want to say yes....... You can hear the intake now sucking air in. But I haven’t driven it enough to say. Plus you have to remember these new trucks are so insulated it’s hard to hear. Sitting in the drive way and revving the engine like a teenager I feel like it was louder. I expected to hear the BOV / purge valve but you don’t even here the slightest swoosh from it. But the one thing I will say is the turbo seems to start spoiling at 500 rpm less then before.
  11. Also for the guys asking about my muffler here are the pictures of that as well
  12. Good news!!! AFE intake came in. Installed and test drove it. Turbo sounds like it spools up sooner and feels more responsive but I’ll have to get back after a little more time with it.
  13. So still waiting for my intake from AFE. supposed to be shipped out on Friday but while I was looking for the contact number to call them I saw that there is a pre order for a hi flow down pipe. Don’t have $700 to spend right now but if anyone is looking for one you should go check it out.
  14. I just went to the performance exhaust shop in the Palmetto FL area called exhaust solutions. I told them I wanted more flow for the turbo and wasn’t interested in trying to get a loud sound. They chopped the exhaust valve and welded in the new muffler. I left the stock resonator on as well. I’ll take some photos and upload when I get a chance.
  15. I’ve also reached out to turbo smart about a BOV. They’ve said if anyone is in the San Diego they need a vehicle to develop one. I move out there this summer but if anyone is out that way hit them up.
  16. Update the first batch of air intakes from AFE have a ship date of feb 28th 2020. They are having difficulties cracking the ECU code for the tuners so no word on that of now.
  17. I’ve already gone ahead and swapped out the muffler on mine went with just a resonator at first but it sounded like a shitty Tacoma. The turbo on the other hand was screaming. Loved that part but ended up swapping for a magnaflow and now it sounds proper and still frees up the turbo. I’m currently waiting for my AFE intake to come in and then will be working with a local fab shop on the down pipe. Holding off till I see what the AFE tuner can do.
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