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  1. I can comment only on the Boost Auto mirrors since I own them. After discovering there are no slip on towing mirrors for the Canyon/Colorado I found and purchased the Boost Auto new style that extend 3” for my 2016 SLT 2.8 ltr. They look great, the mirror control, defrost and rear side lights work great. I love them and the quality is great, plus they’re USA made. My only complaint is towing an 8 foot wide travel trailer the mirrors really don’t stick out far enough to see everything behind you. The Canyon is just very narrow and perhaps the Boost Auto old style that extend 4” might be a better fit if you’re towing a wide trailer. Good luck in your search.
  2. I’ve had my 2016 SLT 2.8 since October 2019 and have put about 11k miles on her. I got it to pull a 24 ft TT that’s about 5000 lbs loaded. This little truck pulls it like a champ, plus in towing mode the diesel brake is great too. Towing mileage is between 14 and 16 mpg where my gas burner was about 9 mpg. We’ve hauled the trailer on about 5 trips with no single drive over 3 hours one way so nothing long distance in the mountains yet. I live in middle TN and we do have lots of up and down backroads. I put in 5 gallons of BlueDef after several months and it’s back down to about 24% again. It’s not like you fill it up all the time, it’s lasting a long time in my opinion but I have nothing to compare. My only complaint, the interior has very little usable storage for smaller items. Also, I installed Boost Auto towing mirrors as I discovered there weren’t any custom slip over towing mirrors for the Canyon/Colorado’s. There are still blind spots towing an 8ft wide trailer but better than the strap on junk I used on my other vehicle. I love it. Good luck
  3. This fall I purchased a low mileage 2016 2.8 SLT when I upgraded my TT. The TT is about 5100 LBS loaded and this little beast pulls it with no problems and gets 15 to 18 mpg while doing it. That’s mostly 2 lanes in Kentucky and Tennessee with a max 1 way pull of 3.5 hours. So far I’ve been very pleased with the DuraMax. The only modification is replacing the factory mirrors with Boost Auto Parts towing mirrors. I have no experience to comment on your weak frame question.
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