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  1. Well, as best as the photo shows, the lines on the bed are a little higher than the cab. Maybe just the lighting, but that is a common assembly issue on these trucks.
  2. Looks like the bed is off too. My AT4 has that assembly issue, but my bumper is at least square.
  3. I will tell you that when I passed 3000 miles, the average seemed to increase. I don't know why, and honestly I get on the throttle more now than before. I calculate the tanks by hand, but gotta admit the truck computer average is always very close. My 2015 HD would vary much more, this 2020 is about spot on for me.
  4. Great looking truck. If I did not do so much stop and go driving (not by choice), I might have been tempted by the diesel. I came from an LML Duramax so I love diesels, but when my driving requirements changed, I had to go to the gasser. No regrets on the 6.2L though, the acceleration is awesome and as a side bonus I am averaging 18-19, very reasonable IMO.
  5. Colorado, and truck was made in Mexico. Assembly precision is less than perfect, particularly the bed alignment, but the ride, drivetrain, waterproofness - all great I don't understand why someone buys an AT4 w/ 20" wheels. I like taller rubber and actually go off road. But of course, to each his own.
  6. Wow, I guess I got a good one. Mine does nothing like that and the window does not leak Don't worry what most people think (and I can tell you don't, good for you). You are driving what you want, if it cost more to arrive at it... smoke 'em if you got 'em!
  7. My 2020 AT4 is silky smooth. Not yet experienced anything clunky. We all use words differently, but something had to be wrong with yours if it was anything less than smooth. Every time I drive mine, I'm shocked how smooth a body lift truck on Duratracs is.
  8. I prefer the GMC, but the Chevrolet has grown on me. They do look mean. I am an architect and have always felt the most successful designs are polarizing. Obviously, a car maker wants to appeal to as many buyers as possible. But personally, I enjoy something even more when I know so many others do not.
  9. No problem. You were guessing US, what were you thinking? Maybe there is no difference, but the assembly of the items I noted made me wish I had a US made one.
  10. Financing? Not for me. I wrote a check for my truck for the difference on my trade, which was also paid in full. Extra gas cost? LOL. If that is a concern, you should not be buying this truck.
  11. Thank you. The drivetrain on this truck is really impressive. For only $2500, I'm sure of any good reason to go for the 5.3. You'll easily see that difference years later in resale value.
  12. Thanks. I respect your point. For me, I'm all about function on a vehicle. I'm only 5'7, those front steps would be great. I can't say how many times I hook straps on the front bottom bed hooks and need to climb into the bed. Sure, I can use the edge of the running board, but I would love the indented step, especially in snow and rain. If not for all my stop and go driving, I would have bought the HD for sure. While I love the smoothness of my 1500, I miss the solid feel of the 2500. But that is a slow death and a guaranteed emissions nightmare in a modern diesel.
  13. The Good - The 6.2L + 10 speed is absolutely superb. Silky smooth and surprisingly fast. I have not yet towed my 6k LB trailer, I expect it to be "OK" but not great. Interior - vastly improved over my 2015 Denali 2500HD. My old infotainment frequently locked up with my 30 gig iPod hooked up. The new system is flawless. Seats are very comfortable. The reviewers can complain all they want, I like this interior much more than what the new Yukons are going to have. This looks like a truck, the screen is fine for me. The tailgate is cool. The truth is the best advance in pickup beds the past 5-6 years is the GM bumper corner steps. I like the multi-gate, but I would trade it for the 2020 HD's steps at the front of the box. That is a great idea that the 1500s should have too. The towing mirrors are awesome. Even wider than what the 2015 HD had. GM got these perfect. The Bad - The 24 gallon gas tank is the worst thing about these trucks. I'm used to a 36 gallon on my Duramax, which incidentally averaged the same 18 MGP that this truck is getting me. The Ugly - My bed could use a realignment. It is not 1/2" off like some, but it is about 5/16". I might leave it as is as opposed to having the dealer adjust it. But no reason for it. My steering wheel is not perfectly calibrated. My wheel alignment is fine, but my GMC logo aims a little left when I go straight. Again, poor assembly. My truck is made in Mexico. If I did it again, I would choose a US made unit. Then again, my rear window does not leak, I can live with the other flaws if that does not become an issue. Overall, I am very satisfied. I traded my Denali Duramax as a new job has me in stop and go traffic 5x / week. Modern diesels don't do stop and go, that is a fact. I think 18MPG is very reasonable w/ a 6.2L V8. If I did not get on it so much, I bet I would average 20MPG. But the 6.2L begs to run. I had 70k miles on my 2015HD. That truck stickered at 68k, I bought it for 57k. I got 40k on a trade in after 5 years towards this AT4. I loved that, and know this 1500 won't hold the value the same, but the 6.2L will help. As long as my back window never leaks, I'm a happy purchaser.
  14. 6.2L, definitely. It is so fast, when your rear window starts leaking, you just lean on the throttle and all the water flys away
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