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  1. Looking for any and all advice as I’ve been to the dealer 7x now with no resolution. 2017 GMC Acadia 6 speed 2WD Denali 35000k Replaced already: TCM Transmission valve body Reflashed trans software Torque converter Fluid flush numerous times through all this effort by the dealer Spark plugs Throttle body Recent video footage of issue.: Car only slips after trans warms up, ~10 mins after start from cold. Basically 2-3 shift feels like it drops into neutral for a split second before 3rd grabs. But.. only does this hot, never when trans is cold. I’m starting to think it’s a pressure issue or over/under fill? I need a trans expert to help me as I can’t stand it but otherwise love this vehicle. It’s ruining everything about it. Dealer is worthless at this point and refuses to replace whole transmission under warranty so far. Any suggestions? Dealer claims output speed sensor is fine also last time they had the trans apart after checking the sensor upon my request. Thank you!!
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