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  1. Similar problems. I just created a thread a few minutes ago. I've had the problem where Mylink has Forgotten my phone. I've had to re-pair it several times. I've had the firmware reflashed at the dealer several times now. The problem of forgetting it comes up occasionally now. But my problem is now, Mylink tries to call my phone, locking everything up.
  2. This might take a bit to cover the problems I'm having. Android Note 9 phone, Bluetooth connected to Mylink. I've tried Android Auto and not impressed. After I set it up, AA would start pestering me about "Do you want to go here? What about here? You went here last week, do you need directions? You called this guy last week, do you want to call them back???..." Made it 3 Blocks, pulled over and uninstalled it. I now just let my phone connect via bluetooth and listen to my music on a flash drive. Here lately, I get in my truck and start it up. Mylink comes on, connects to my phone... then suddenly my music from the flash drive goes dead, the A/C speed drops to low... and nothing happens. No indication on the instruments. I can't get music, can't get my fan speed back up. So I start punching buttons on the screen and the steering wheel. Finally I get a message that Mylink is busy making a phone call (?) Punching the hang up button, I find that Mylink is saying that its calling.... My phone. Somehow, Mylink is calling my phone, FROM my phone. (My Phone knows nothing about it... ) The screen would show MY name as the one being called. No accidental "Pocket Dial". Phone is kept in a rigid holster. I can take my phone, turn bluetooth off to Break the call. Wait a bit and then turn bluetooth back on and Mylink refuses to find my phone again. Phone sitting there acting normal History going back to when it was new, I've had it drop bluetooth programming and take forever to get it to pair back. I've had it to the dealer about 3-4 time for things like oil change, tire rotation and a recall and just about every time, I've had them reflash the firmware, hoping that it would fix the issue. Sometimes it works for a month or so, sometimes it acts up on the way home from the dealer. Any ideas??
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