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  1. Hi Chris, The hood was ordered by the Chevy Dealership Body Shop a several weeks ago and it is still on back order.I will keep you posted.
  2. Good job, Jason . Could one also just replace the steering control (part #6) and paddle (part # 3) , add the harness, cluster and keep the existing steering wheel? See attachment. Thanks. Perry
  3. Guys, they will fit on the 2019 Silverado 1500 . However, the camper mirrors can only be placed on vehicles that have DLF factory mirrors without Task Lamps (U12) and without Lane Change Alert (UKC). The camper mirrors will not function on a vehicle originally built wit factory DEN or DEZ mirrors.With or without PEPS will determine the harness (part number) required.I was able to purchase a set on line for about $575 dollars. The local Chevy dealer has the exact mirrors for $970 installed.
  4. Surely, if you purchase the audio control switch and find the right harness it will work. It is my understanding that they all are made the same from the factory.Besides that, many 1500 and 2500 parts are interchangeable. It's the electrical wiring, packages and features that they add later is what makes a Lt, a Lt and a high country High Country. Almost any feature can be later added. However, most of the time a harness is needed to make it work. I just purchased the 2020 Silverado HD tow mirrors and had the dealer install them on my 2019 work truck.It needed an additional harness to make the turn signal and lightening work.I too purchased the work truck and slowly added factory add ons as I go.The fog lights , the bed lights, console cover, and tow mirrors has been added.Doing this way I've save a ton of money.Kinda, pay as you go without the finance . Besides that, it makes the truck unique. People are constantly asking me, is your truck a 2500.
  5. Mine , did the same and later completely blacked out. The dealership finally agreed to replace it with a new one. I recommend you get it replaced while the warranty in still active.
  6. Guys, there is a recall on certain 2019 Silverado braking systems.The dealership corrected mine about a week ago .Thanks.
  7. Guys, I paid $350 for the fog lights, programming and labor at the Chevy dealership.They also installed two lights in the bed for $150.
  8. Hi , I am willing to do an even swap if you are still interested.I can be reached at [email protected] or (404) 783-3154. I live in the Atlanta area. Thanks.
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