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  1. Need some advice from the experts. First things first, the info. 2017 GMC Sierra SLT, active shutters (P.I.T.A. to work around) but with the tips and tricks from you guys I was able get the bar installed without removing or trimming the fins. The light bar is a Rough Country single row curved with DRL and OEM ORL switch. I installed a grille mounted light bar which looks & works great. My problem is with feedback. Sense the bar had DRL I wanted to get them on while the truck was running. Took some trial & error but I got them to work. Now that the light bar is always on the backup camera was very staticy. I was about to live with the static but I also noticed that none of the AM stations are working. I'm wondering if anyone has any info that might help me out. Thanks Stay safe during the corona-apocalypse
  2. Well I installed my 30 inch curved light bar with OEM off road light & harness. Active shutters are a PITA to work around. I didn't finish yet, I still need to trim grille & reinstall everything. The light bar has DRL in them which still need to be wired in. I took it out tonight to adjust the angle. For some reason I got a check engine light because of the ambient temperature sensor & my truck says it -40°C..... Wtf??
  3. I got my oem orl switch installed. Didn't get the light bar installed because I ordered the wrong one. Just my luck. Anyway, I was messing with the switch to make sure it activated the in-dash indicator light. I noticed the orl wouldn't turn on unless I turned on the fog lights. I was wondering if this is normal? I haven't read anything about that happening in my research. On the plus side I just have to tap the fog light button to turn both lights off instead of holding the orl for 2 seconds. Update: looks like that is when the headlights are off.
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