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  1. Seat problem fixed. Wanted to let all know how this problem was finally fixed. I had my truck in for another problem. I did not know but the check engine light was not working. Probably due to the recall years ago on the bad instrument cluster problem that was a recall I did not know about. When the shop plugged in to the to the computer to find the problem is when they found the check engine light showed up on the diagnostic they and found that the Glow Plug module was bad. I had the module replaced, 340.00 it also took care of the seat position problem I was having. Replaced the instrument panel at the same time 240.00. Now everything works fine. Had no idea that could cause a problem but it is fixed and I am a happy camper. My truck has 142,000 miles on it and I have really babied it. So now I have ordered a 2020 Silverado and was pleasantly surprised that they gave me 12,000 for my truck on trade. So I purchased the truck in 2003 and got an excellent trade in value. Just wondering if all think this is a good trade value?
  2. Thank you for your input. I Tried Selecting Driver 1 and driver 2. No matter which driver I select the seat always goes to the full forward position when the ignition key is removed. I have tried setting the seat in a different position on both 1&2 but the seat still goes to the full forward position. The passenger seat never moves so I am thinking there is something in the seat position relays. With no error code from the computer this makes since. But have had no luck finding anyone with expertise on the seats..
  3. 2003 GMC 3500 Duramax. When I turn off the engine and remove the ignition key the driver seat moves to the full forward position. I can use the manual seat position control to stop the seat from moving. Does not show up on Any codes. Dealer is about useless on this. Any ideas what could cause this? Is it the Computer Module? Really starting to bother me. Truck only has 138,00 miles on it so it will be with me for quite a bit longer. Love the LB7..
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