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  1. I bought the truck used from a dealer and they did their full inspection on it so I assume the AFM is working. It does go from 4-8 on the indicator. I run 275/55R20 tires and yes it came with a bed cover.
  2. Right on yeah the beginning of this tank was in the -20 range so makes sense. Thanks for all the info
  3. I have been using the remote start, makes sense that it would elevate those numbers. On my next tank I will try not using it and compare the numbers. Thanks
  4. Yeah I knew I wasn’t buying a fuel saver with that power I guess I’m not used to the numbers yet. I was just curious about anything I could do to get better numbers.
  5. Thanks, so far with 170 kms on the tank with a few times in 4x4 because of winter driving conditions for maybe 40 kms. I’m at 21L/100 right now. It has been mostly residential driving stop and go. I am just wondering if it’s a normal number or is there something I can do to improve the numbers. I don’t drive the truck hard as much as I would like to open it up like when I was younger... but I’m driving it responsibly. Thanks for responding
  6. Hello I’m new to this Forum and I just bought a 2016 GMC Sierra Denali with the 6.2 and 8 speed transmission. It has 135,000 kms on it and I was wondering if there is anything I should do to get better fuel mileage from this truck I’m pretty sure the previous owners were running 87 or 89. I have ran two tanks of 91 but I find the fuel mileage isn’t that great. It’s mostly city driving so far. Should I do a Seafoam cleaning in the tank and vacuum? Should I run a certain style of plugs? What are your thoughts on programmers and cold air intakes? Eventually gonna do an exhaust system as well what kits are best suited for this truck? Just got the truck a few weeks ago and looking to improve the truck. It’s my first GMC I’ve always been a GM fan my dad always had them growing up so just looking to make this truck better! Thanks for any advice.
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