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  1. I had this issue also and I believe I know how to fix it! (At least I did for my truck - 2019 High Country w/ technology package) have you created a “profile” on your truck radio? I did, and before that profile could load the volume would sometimes be at full blast. Once I deleted the profile (I’m the only one who drives the truck anyway) it’s never happened to me. Hope this helps your situation!
  2. Installed the BD Trims flat matte black plastic letters on the tailgate today. Very easy to install and highly recommend.
  3. Got the front windows tinted (15%) to match the back. Also eliminated the antenna completely. Happy with the clean look!
  4. I use XM radio so I just decided to eliminate the antenna completely. Love the look and I could STILL pick up the local FM station that I would listen to if I didn’t have XM. Found a black rubber cap to fit over
  5. Is it possible to run without the antenna completely? I only use XM radio or CarPlay and don’t like the look of any antenna. Would I need to get a plug for the opening?
  6. UPDATE: dealer dropped the fuel tank today and it’s a bad sensor. The sensor will arrive tomorrow then reschedule to have it replaced. Just wanted to write this in case anyone has this issue down the road and finds this topic.
  7. it would usually be on the F line as you described, but then it would be above it which would not quite be full. Now it’s only reading 3/4 full when it is in fact full.
  8. Have a 2019 High Country. The last two times I got gas it read just above the full line and I thought it was the gas pump cutting out early (tried two different pumps). But this last time it only reads 3/4 full but the tank is FULL. The gauge will fluctuate up or down but I’ve driven 40 miles since and still hasn’t fixed itself. Going in to the dealer on Monday. Anyone else had the same issue? Any resolutions from the dealer?
  9. I had the same issue with my driver side mirror camera. They couldn’t figure it out but eventually replaced the coax cable that connects them to the module behind rear seat. It fixed my problem.
  10. The dealership I used was Steinle Chevrolet in Clyde, Ohio. I don’t know the tech’s name but they should know what was done. I hope it works for you! So far, so good on my end....
  11. I was worried about that as well. I talked to the tech and he was really going to take his time, and I decided that it was worth it to try and fix the problem. So far, so good.
  12. Ok everyone, I just left the dealership after replacing the coax cable that goes from the mirrors, under the dash, and back to the modules. Took them about 1.5 days to complete. So far when I left it has worked. However, the true test will be after a week of cold starts and seeing how it goes. I’ll keep you updated.
  13. 2019 Silverado High Country with Technology Package. The drivers side mirror occasionally flickers or is completely black. I occasionally get the blue screen of “Service Rear Vision System” also. Dealer has already replaced the camera, done every software update/module reset possible, and now wants to replace the cable that goes from mirror, under dash, to behind rear seat (so essentially take the entire cabin out) based on their communication with GM. It’s my personal feelings they don’t know how to fix it. I’ve attached some pictures. Anyone else had this issue?
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