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  1. Lmao there is no way they paid 40k for a vehicle you paid 41,900 drove for 8 months and then traded it in for 40k.Aint going to happen show is the other side of the paperwork?
  2. Need to see the other side of the paper work to believe it.That side might say 40 for trade but what does the other side say?Looks like your hiding something?
  3. Also the dealer would want 45 or more if they gave you 40 lmao no way it happened.You can buy a new one for 41,900 right?
  4. There is no way that you got 40k for trade.Show some docs to prove it or it is false.
  5. So basically you put 6500 down with your cash and trade in.Then made 8 payments at probably around 600 a month so you have at least 11000 grand into it.I would keep it if I were you.You would be going into a new one starting back at your payments of say 72 months.You won’t get blue book because nothing is selling right now.My dealer emailed me today that sales department is closed now because of the corona.Buying a truck is good if you keep it for 10 years but if you know your not you are better off leasing.I have a 2018 lt pretty much loaded and all it cost me was 500 out of pocket and the payment is 290 a month for 36 months.Ill have it for 3 years of driving and that is about what you will lose in 8 months.
  6. I have been looking at dealer inventory around here and it is hard to find a truck with the 6.2 that isn’t completely loaded.Is this just a dealer thing or a gm thing?Think I might have to order one.
  7. I guess I’ll probably get the rst.I Have a 18 lt all star and don’t even use the stuff that is on it lol.imI think I might have used the power seats a few times lol
  8. I’ll do the info package and dual exhaust.That seems weird
  9. Hi everyone I just did an inventory search near me and didn’t see any crew cab custom t.b. With 6.2.Is it the dealers aren’t ordering any or they just havent hit the lots yet?I just built one on the Chevy site and with discounts it’s like 40k.If I have to prefer one how long does it usually take to receive the truck?I have a lease right now that will be up in 6 months so I would like to have it arrive around that time if I had to order one.Thanks for any help.
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