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  1. I seen were you posted that do you have a pic of what your talking about the shop I went to today suggest I get the bottom instead of rc 2 inch strut assembly
  2. Which would be better for as a better ride to achieve a 2" lift in the front the 2 inch spacer on the bottom of the strut or 2 inch rough country n3 strut I currently have the ranchos that came on the truck from stock it's a 2019 gmc Sierra?
  3. I meant 2 inch lift but just curious which route to go. Just didn't know if the spacers would effect the ride.
  4. Wanted to level my truck with a 2 1/2 inch front lift. Which kit would be better the spacers or doing it with bilsten shocks wanted to keep the factory ride quality as much as possible and I noticed the shocks haven't hit the market yet but willing to wait if it's a better option. Thanks
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