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  1. should you be able to see the fluid , we had to use a tie wrap to find the fluid, couldn't get fluid with finger
  2. Just had my oil changed and check fluid levels , what should the front dif fluid look like , mine is green foamy and thick had to use a tie wrap to find the fluid
  3. Every so often there is what sounds like a static discharge coming from the dash, not as bad as my 2014, any one ever hear this noise
  4. From what i am told the dealer says there are no code that pop up, this i coming from someone who has driven and heard the noise, driven a sales mans truck and his doesn't make the noise , my brother in laws 18 doesn't make the noise.. I am going to the dealership tomorrow and try to get this rectified
  5. no ABS light just the traction light no traction light when traction control is turned off
  6. i don't use 4H hardly ever have it in 4 auto
  7. it sounds like the front,, can feel the vibration in the gas peddle
  8. no ABS light , traction light comes on turn traction control off still get the same noise
  9. dealer keeps telling me it's my ABS pump, they say that the ABs pump is used for the traction control ,, thanks for your input
  10. If fluid not changed will it destroy the diff
  11. I have an inquiry if any one with an 2018 gmc has ever had any noise when it is in 2 wheel drive and there is traction loss it sounds like a muffled grind. I have had 2 other trucks out and they don't do it . This noise started at 37000 km. It has the noise in 4wheel as well have to push it harder to get wheel slip but get the same noise. IT also acts like it's in 4 wheel lock when turning and the truck starts to jump
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