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  1. I've heard a couple of things on this, and an odd one that it came back to was to take the throttle body off and clean it. I'm not 100% positive, but it may be worth a shot in your case, especially if it hasn't been done before.
  2. They'll run without a sensor relearn, but you'll get a check engine light, and replacing the sensor won't cause the truck to need a relearn. Definitely need the codes though, assuming it's throwing any.
  3. I installed a Pioneer Avic-5201nex in my 09 Denali, with a PAC audio module to keep wheel controls/satellite/ect. After 8 months I had issues with it and sent it to a repair center, then Pioneer finally replaced it. It may have been a one off issue, or may have been a common thing, I don't know. As long as you get a quality unit, it should be fine, and I think it was completely worth the money when it wasn't in the warranty center. Be aware though that behind the radio is the dash, so it's an extremely tight fit.
  4. What year, and motor? Edit: it was late, and I didn't read the biggest part of the headline. Check the white/black wire at the ignition coil first. On the 4.3's, this is a c9mmon issue, and may not look broken, but the wire inside starts to fray causing several issues, including no start, stalling, etc.
  5. Looks like ypu already know how to get the door panel off. Get into the door with a small flat head and pop the clips loose, the lock rod actually detaches from the lock cylinder, take the 3 bolts out of the actuator (they're along the edge of the door where the latch is), pull it out and unplug it. Replace the cable, then reverse order it back in.
  6. I haven't had any issues with the cables, but I have replaced the actuators in mine. The hardest part is getting the clips that hold the handle rod and lock rods on the actuator loose without breaking them. On the off chance you do, moat auto parts stores sell them.
  7. I have an 09 Sierra 1500 that's AWD with a 2 inch leveling kit in the front on 33x12.5's and about half the fender liner cut out of it.
  8. When GM built these trucks, they put a plug on the front side of the motor, towards the bottom, and it brings all the stabilitrac, traction control, and abs stuff through it. It's there in case the motor needs removed. It may be worth crawling under there and checking it too since it's somewhat exposed.
  9. Clean the back of your throttle body and mass airflow sensor also. Did you happen to clean and re-oil the filter during your tune-up?
  10. Depending on the code, it could also be the tank pressure sensor.
  11. The TCM will vary line pressure on the transmission if the ECM thinks the truck is running lean or rich. If you're at +14 to 17, then it's possibly changing those pressures, and I would fix that first. Could be the mass airflow meter, fuel pressure, injectors....ect. Basically it's running a little lean. Have you had any powertrain codes?
  12. I've been using the Moroso 85481 for about 6 months or so. 2 things I've noticed are that plugs don't seem to get fouled as much since the oil isn't going back into the cylinders and the intake is staying cleaner, as is the throttle body butterfly. You do have to modify (cut) the PCV tube coming from the valve cover to the intake, but it's pretty straight forward.
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