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  1. mine is at 3000 miles an is at half , no idea if it was completely full when I picked truck up but it did show full. if you don`t tow with your truck it won`t use much.
  2. I`ve been told pressure increases with engine load, like towing etc.
  3. there`s a sticker on my left frt door that says fort wayne assembly with UAW an GM on it .so I have to assume that's where final assembly took place .
  4. noticed yours was built in mexico, thought they where all built in Indiana.
  5. got a p1098 fault code this morn on my 3.0 Duramax. any one have this code yet an do you know what it was for? cant find any info an dealer is closed for 2 more weeks because of virus. was able to put the light out so no big deal. truck behaves normal, just curious.
  6. really like my 3.0, not that much more fuel than the 2.8 canyon I had, but didn`t realize the 2 sp transfer case was an option. would of ordered one with the 2 speed transfer case. I just assumed all 4 wheel drive trucks had a low range. oh well?
  7. hay everyone , just joined...…………..I traded a 17 canyon diesel an a 14 cruze diesel for a new gmc sierra 3.0 diesel. so far big improvement over the canyon. I used the canyon for towing my hellcat to the dragstrip an also 24 ft RV. I used the cruze to commute to work but since I just retired I don`t need it any more. I`m sure the sierra will do a better job towing, canyon was ok but felt I needed a bit more. retired from auto repair , mechanic for over 40 years. hopefully I can add to this forum over time.
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