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  1. Anyone know if the center console from a High Country can fit in a Trail Boss?
  2. Do you have a 19 or 20? The link doesn't look like it's for the latest gen.
  3. Well, I lucked out. I purchased an OBDII reader and reset the codes. I've now driven it about a dozen times, and the codes did not reappear. Since then, I've hooked the amp back up without any issue. I do appreciate the recommendation though.
  4. Looking for a little guidance or help, please. My truck threw four or five "check engine" codes after installing a JL amp. The same worked great, but the check engine light was worrisome. So, I unhooked the amp, power, and the remote wire and still had the errors. I then drove it for 30 minutes, tried unplugging the negative battery terminal, and plugging it back in, and the codes remained. So, I started doing some research and saw that some vehicles have a feature where if you turn the vehicle on and off three times in a row, it will reset the check engine light. I tried this, and it did not seem to work originally so I went inside. When I came back outside after about 30 minutes, the check engine light went back off again. So, any idea what might have caused the check engine lights? And the multiple code? I followed the LLJ customs install video, and this isn't my first amp install, so I'm a bit perplexed. I've used this amp/sub/wires in another vehicle before and never had issues. I did hook the remote wire up of the passenger side fuse box, as I've seen others do. I spliced in to the speaker wires in the door sill, and grounded the wire under a bolt to the rear seat. Any thoughts? Thanks
  5. After a single day, I'm a fan and did not notice any drone at up to 50mph. And hey, at least this is cheaper than a delete, and reversible. But you how modding goes, you may be doing a delete I'm 30 days anyway.
  6. I just completed both parts of this hack, the flapper, and covering the screens. I'm truly surprised by the difference it makes. In my 2020, Custom Trail Boss, with 5.3 engine, it initially had almost no sound at idle. And now, I'm very impressed with the $15 I invested. First things first, I tested it out after only opening the valve, and the sound was not impressive. To be honest, I almost stopped there. But I'm glad I didn't. One thing I did a bit differently is how I solved for keeping the flapper open. The 2020 Silverado has a round valve which is difficult to keep open with a single clamp. So, instead I turned the valve clockwise (open), and inserted a finishing nail through the top of the valve, and down towards the ground through the bottom part of the spring. It's difficult to explain, but with the nail, you are basically using it as a lever to hold the top part of the valve against the bottom part of the valve while in the open position. This took a little bit of maneuvering, but in all, it only took about thirty seconds to get it wedged open. And while the valve is probably only about 90% open, and is still a drastic improvement over the baseline. Also, as I don't believe I saw this anywhere else, if you have split exhaust, you'll have six screens you'll need to cover.
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