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  1. Ill trade ya, give ya some cash, and pay the shipping.....
  2. Yo! I have a Lt grille, and the bottom black piece for sale/trade.. Looking for a LTZ grille.. I already swapped out the bottom piece.. Hit me up
  3. remove the two glasses. bottom one first. use a pic to release the clios on back of the glass. Four torx screws to remove the glass trim, then the caps basically fall off.
  4. Anyone take apart the tow mirrors yet? Looking for some tips on how to do it. Also if anyone wants to ditch the chrome mirror caps im looking for some. TIA
  5. awesome dude, let me know. Ill give you my lt grill free lol
  6. Anyone interested in parting with their ltz grill?
  7. Looking to swap my lt grill for a ltz grill. Anyone have one that they would like to part with? Also looking for a webpage with up to date parts diagrams for 2020 front body components. Tia
  8. Looking to upgrade my Lt grill to a Ltz grill, cant seem to find any up to date parts diagrams.. Also i see some guys upgrading to the high country grill.. Anyone want to part with the Ltz grill? Thanks in advance!
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