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  1. Congratulations I was also looking into hunter green would love to see pictures of yours I haven’t been able to find one on a dealers lot were you able to get a good deal on it
  2. Does anybody have any update of when the 3.0 L Duramax engine will be available and the active air suspension option
  3. Did the dealer discount the order I’m trying to order a 2021 gmc 3500 and I was offered 5% off
  4. When is the 2021 hd getting made/ coming to dealers I was buying a 2020 sierra HD 3500 Denali in the spring and getting 18% off It was out of state and I didn’t want to fly because of the virus now I don’t care about it as I already got it and 6 weeks clear and the best deal I can get from the same dealer is 10% off And I called around and it seems the same every want to talk to you i tried to order a 2021 but they give me no discounts A buddy of mine works at a Ford dealership and said it’s better to wait until they hit the lot then you’ll get a discount as opposed to ordering at this point I think I’m better waiting for the 2021 what do you guys think
  5. Service is open but I didn’t wanna bother them next week I might try a dealership out of stateService is open but I didn’t wanna bother them next week I might try a dealership out of state
  6. I’m in New Jersey and my dealer is closed because of Covid everything’s been over the phone I went to the lot and seen the trucks but could not get inside and the salesman knows nothing about the truck Whenever I ask him a question about the trucks he says he hast to get back to me with the answer how he got the job I have no idea
  7. Do you know if the seats are different in the Denali versus the SLT
  8. I’m in the process of purchasing a 2020 GMC sierra hd 3500 and the dealer has two in the color I want in stock one is a SLT that has sunroof Technology package slt premium plus and x31 off road package the other is Denali with Dinali ultimate package and is around $2000 more than the slt But I do like the grill on the SLT better My question is it worth giving $2000 more for the Denali what extra will I be getting Like are the seats better /leather a better quality I know there’s some small changes in the color of the trim on the inside Salesman told me there’s no real difference and just to save the money looking for some opinions
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