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  1. 62 days out of service. Five attempts to fix. The last time they ‘fixed’ it I went to pick it up and it did it infront of the service manager. Spent a month trying to figure out what was causing the problem. Fuel control modules, steering column sensors, etc etc. All the while I am making payments. Now I finally initiated the process with gm regarding a buyback and that has been a month and a half long fiasco. Finally yesterday their ‘remedy’ is that they offered a field service tech to inspect the vehicle. A field service tech has been looking at the vehicle for two months. LAUGHABLE. Went out this morning and got this. GMC you have a problem with these vehicles and instead of doing the right thing you are screwing consumers.
  2. They don't know what is causing this. They replaced all the sensors for a third time and told me to come get it and it did it right in front of the service manager. How do you chase down a problem when you don't know what is causing it. It's well documented that there has been no solution to this issue and they do not known what is causing it. My service advisor admitted to me that no one does.
  3. This sounds annoying but take a video each time you fire up your vehicle. Each time it happened I had the video time stamped and engine code was stored to show that this occurred and this is the code that was thrown because of this occurring. They'll try to replace your fuel control module and steering column sensor which was done four times total with mine and did nothing. They stopped replacing them and now think it is something occurring on that circuit because both those sensors run off that circuit.
  4. No. My vehicle is still at the dealer while it gets torn apart and they test modules and pins attempting to figure out wtf is going on. 40+ days at dealer and purchased on January 20th. They have almost had the vehicle more than I have. GMC's service advisor's cannot tell me crap regarding how they are going to make this right and I am making payments on a vehicle I don't own. I am SO HAPPY this happened right in front of the dealer immediately after they "fixed it" last time as I tried to pull it off the lot because I had five witnesses go..."well ******, gimme the keys please".
  5. Yeah. I already do qualify on the 30 days and attempts to fix. Just spoke with the dealer and the Fuel Control Module code and Steering column sensor are on the same circuit per the field tech. It can be anything from an improper crimp to the wire being knocked around in vibration and breaking to anything else. Won't have my truck for another week at least. GMC won't even cover the payment right now even though i dont have it because the situation isn't resolved. I can't wait to see what remedy they offer.
  6. Yep. I've had the dealer tell me the GM HQ tech people don't even know whats causing this issue. They're chasing the problem on mine now testing everything and relaying it to the techs and then trying other fixes...
  7. They are replacing the wiring from the steering column sensor to the ecm or whatever now. This was the "fix" from GM HQ. We will see what happens when its done..
  8. For those of you getting this problem - the codes in the ecm are the Fuel Control Module and the Steering Column sensor. Both have been replaced multiple times on mine. I went to pick it up from the repair this AM and on the first start it did the same thing and threw a code again. GM has no idea what is causing the problem and are just throwing sensors in. So my car is back in the shop and now the fuel control module code came on. Thats four repair attempts on a truck with 1600 miles and purchased in the end of January. I smell lemons.
  9. UPDATE: 19 days in the shop in the first two months of ownership and I still don't have my truck back. This is phenomenal.
  10. Thanks. I love the thing when it works. Truck is still in the shop. They acknowledge an issue but can't figure out whats causing it.
  11. Got it back from the dealer with a replaced sensor. Couple days later....won't start. 1600 miles! This is phenomenal. I should have never got rid of my toyota.
  12. 2020 AT4 carbon pro w/ 6.2L. Threw a code and took it into the dealership. Replaced the fuel control module. Couple days later I walk out and the thing won't start. Cranked but wouldn't turn over. Check engine code said an issue w/ with the steering column sensor. They ordered the part and I have been waiting for it to come in. Oh yeah....1400 miles. No faith in this truck, can't wait to see what goes wrong next.
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