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  1. I haven't done it yet but LLJ customs makes a harness for installing a LC7i into our trucks(mine doesn't have bose but they make bose harnesses too) ... im gonna run the lc7i(basically a lc2i with 6 outputs instead of 2) and a 4ch and a sub amp and gonna try like hell to stuff 4 8s under the rear seat ... the LLJ harness is super nice but customer service is slow and time is slow aswell in my experience.
  2. 2019 LD 1500 double cab 6.6 bed 7" rough country (full struts no spacers) 22x10 fuels with 35x12.50s 45 inches from ground to fender front and back 29 inches from center of wheel to fender front and back Slight rub on front bumper backing up and turning Barely kisses back of fender backing up and turning( could possibly be my fender flares fault not sure)
  3. Guess I'll add mine ... 7" rough country with full struts not spacers and 22x10 fuels -24 offset ... 35x12.50s .. rubs stock bumper in reverse when turning and barely kisses back of fender well under same situation ( already pulled the front bumper for a DV8 offroad one and gonna do normal mod soon)
  4. O and my mom bought a siren red 16 z71 and she dont want the color matched grill and headlight trims so I'm trading her my chrome ones and having hers repainted black so I can get rid of the chrome on the front too
  5. Thanks for the compliment I love it for sure and plans have already started lol, just didn't get many pictures(only home 4ish days) as I was busy wrenching but so far I have installed: S&B intake MBRP dual outlet catback Diablo trinity tuner(getting a diablew tune as soon as i get enough miles on it) Tinted tail lights DV8 offroad front bumper Huskey liner floor mats Tinted LED 3rd brake light/cargo light I have ordered but not got installed yet: Smittybilt 12k winch with synthetic rope 4" led pods and 20" led slim bar for the bumper Add a leaf and 1" strut spacer for the front LLJ customs harness to add a system 425 amp alternator to run said system A custom secret project i may be sharing a DIY how to on depending if anyone wants it RGB rock lights 2" wheel spacers for the rear I feel like I'm forgetting some things but its been a crazy 2 months so I probably am forgetting some stuff lol
  6. I'm around 6k since 2 months ago lol spent 3500ish before I made the first payment
  7. just figured I should start a build thread, nothing too fancy yet as I've only had it 2 months (about 10 days of being around it due to my job as a over the road truck driver.. out 3.5 weeks and home 4-5 days lol) 2019 Silverado LD 1500, 5.3 6spd auto, double cab 6.6 bed .. LT trim .. some options but not many lol. Bought it with 7" rough country lift, 22x10 fuels with 35x12.50s and nFab steps, other than those things it was stock with 35k miles Here's a couple pix from the day I got ir
  8. I got them from custom offset same place that sells bora ... if you search out bora and find their actual site its like Adaptec or something if i remember right they have em listed there but also on custom offsets ... idk how much good it will do since I haven't got the spacers on yet but here's a pic of my new toy lol .. not even owned it 2 months and its already draining my wallet
  9. Here's mine .. DV8 offroad , was still installing and such .. have to install the winch and lights too but ran out of time lol, overall I'm pretty happy with it just wish they would have made the end peices taller to match up better but during alignment you can get the rubber flaps to basically sit on top of the bumper so its not terrible just not the greatest either lol
  10. I had the same problem and seems anything LESS than 1.75 you have to cut the stock studs down unless your wheels have pretty deep pockets they can sit in ... i too almlst bought bora spacer but decided to get stahl spacers instead ... bora and stahl are the same company .. bora are aluminum stahl are steel. I prefer the steel (personal preference) but from what I gathered through hours of researching you can't really get much better than bora/stahl ... i haven't got mine yet(OTR truck driver and haven't been home lol) but the 3-4 week wait imo is worth it since they are built to order and top of the line.
  11. I personally bought a S&B system(granted I'm a 5.3 but comes with both couplers for 5.3 and 6.2) and personally I love it ... looks awesome .. still plastic (aluminum is terrible for intakes because they heat soak alot worse and our bays get hot lol) I did too much too soon to know if I could feel a difference but it sounds awesome and looks awesome imo ... and looks were main reason I got it .. i considered the afe but ended up picking the S&B because the ease of filter inspection and replacement (i didn't get an oiled filter) ... the cleaner look in the bay was worth the 300$ I paid for the intake alone
  12. Hey guys first post here, just bought a 2019 1500 LD a few days ago. It's already lifted on an unknown amount of lift, the lift is rough country brand, has diff drop done, appears to have knuckles but no strut spacers, and tall "anti wrap" blocks, just going off what I can see but not able to match the parts I see with the images on RCs website. Long store short the 35s kiss the bumper when turning in reverse just ever so slightly. So in order to combat this I was thinking of adding just 1" to it, I was leaning towards 1" lower strut spacer up front and a 1" block between the anti wrap block and the leaf pack in the rear. But I'm not sure what kind of issues this may cause so figured I'd ask those of you more familiar with these trucks than myself. Thanks for reading my long winded explanation and look forward to getting to know yall.
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