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  1. Yes for sure,that whining sound and P06DD and AFM disabled and remote start not working because of the P06DD...I knew it was coming but its unacceptable for a truck with low mileage like that.My silverado 2004 had 369.000 KM and original oil pump.2014-2018 oil pump are junk for sure.
  2. My 2014 Sierra 5.3L oil pump failed at 90.000 KM/ 56000 Miles. This should be a recall or class action lawsuit. Dealer charged $2875.39 CAD for a 14 hours job.I am pissed for sure. Complained to GM Canada about it on their facebook page and they told me they were happy to know that my truck is already repaired... Now I affectionately call it my garbage truck.
  3. UPDATE : Finally it was my oil pump slowly dying...P06DD that is. I don't think changing an oil pump at 90.000 Kilometers / 56.000 miles is acceptable,it should be replaced at no cost. Stealership gave me a bill of 2837.89 CAD for changing the oil pump. Now i hate my truck,what can cause an oil pump to fail like this cause i don't want to see this again. Never had problems with my older GM pickup trucks. Does quicker oil change would prevent that??? I am using Penzoil Pure Plus Full Synth 0W-20 and good synthetic filter. Have a look at the Bill. Thanks,regards.
  4. Thanks silveradosid,that's what i am about to do.Just came back from Can Tire to buy some permatex rtv. Good idea with the vaseline. Regards.
  5. Hi guys Gmc sierra 2014 All Terrain with 5.3L with 90.000 KM , oil is coming out of the connector that goes to the oil pressure sensor solenoid valve on the timing chain cover. Creating engine code P06DD, tested twice with cleanig both connector with brake cleaner and each time truck goes back to normal operation for about 20 minutes until oil goes back to that connector. When cleaned, basically AFM working and no engine code. My oil pressure is normal. Changing that stupid wire is a freaking job maybe 10 to 12 hours for 10 dollar wire. My question is : is there some kind of a oil resistant liquid sealant i can try to put in that connector ? Some shots of what i am facing. Thanks for your help,regards.
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