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  1. Is there any certain brand of injectors that are better than others?
  2. Thank you I was wondering if I would really need to upgrade my intake or throttle body, or coils. I probably will go with the stage 2 cam, and bigger injectors, and a tune for the 5.3 and this motor and trans I picked up today only has 97,000 miles on it out of a 2002 gmc Sierra. I really do appreciate the advice.
  3. I have a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 with a 4.8 liter in it with 336,000 miles. As I'm surprised it lasted this long I've noticed that its losing power, and either needs rebuilt or I wonderd if swapping in a 5.3 liter would be direct fit with wiring harness and everything except a tune would be needed. I was thinking of buying a 5.3 liter out of a Sierra or Silverado from 2000-2006. With alot lower miles and putting a Tsp stage 3 cam and springs in the heads and a 9in velocity tsp intake with bigger carboyle ignition coils, and 102cm throttle body. Or should I just do all if that to the 4.8 liter I already have. I understand that the only difference between the two are the crank and tune. I'm just not sure which direction to go?
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