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  1. That's roughly what I paid for my '20 AT4 1500 2 weeks ago. $66k sticker, out the door $52k +TT&L and i got about $5k over KBB for a lightly modified 4runner. My dad is shopping all the half-ton trucks as well, it'll be interesting to see what he's able to work for a dealsince he has zero brand loyalty.
  2. These are the new fad with huge bump in tacomas lately. Have you looked at lead time for 4runner/tacoma parts? Good luck getting anything with 4 months, and i'm sure its worse now. My point is, all the "best" manufacturers are small shops, demand is through the roof the last few years causing huge price hikes and long leads and they're focused on the small truck market. I'm going to sub in case someone finds something good.
  3. I suppose that's the real question, huh? Does anyone know what the "answer" is? Has anyone heard back from GM with a real solution?
  4. Just want to chime in. 20 Sierra AT4, 3.0, 500miles. Just got P25A2, U0100, U0101, U0146, with a CEL. Going to go see the Chevy dealer tomorrow as the nearest GMC dealer is almost an hour away. Has anyone truly gotten this cleared up? Any insight to encourage the techs to look in the right direction instead of just random guessing?
  5. You would get a little noise depending on the bike that was up there but nothing crazy, and a big sideways gust of wind would defintely rock the truck, but it never felt unstable.
  6. Just took delivery a new AT4 and I'm trying to figure out the bike solution now. I hate losing the bed, but i despise hitch mounts on a truck, so I'm in a bit of a pickle. I still have my old outboard mount from my old Tacoma (below), hopefully I can find a way to rig it up on the carbon bed... As far as bikes... we've both got road, gravel, mountain, and i have a tri bike. We have a bit of a bike problem, but the stumpys below are my favorite.
  7. Shawn, How sturdy is that hard tonneau? I'm looking to mount a bike rack on tap similar to my old tacoma and was wondering if there was enough ridgidity to it to through 50 or so pounds on top and not be worried about it?
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