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  1. I purchased one from dealer when buying my 2020 Silverado LB a couple years ago. Open/close/latch is done with tailgate open, which somewhat secures it. Pros: Looks Awesome, easy to use and maintain. For partial loads, I string a rope thru the middle & secure it. Cons: Plastic buckles on retaining straps, when open, can break easily due to angle of latch. One of mine broke the first time I tried to latch. Dealer did replace under warranty. Just have to be cautious. Too much water intrusion at front corners. I live in Western Washington, so get nice winter rains. De
  2. Check out the offering of the radio upgrade, plus the other things on this website: https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/silverado-sierra-wireless-car-play-android-auto-navigation-and-hd-radio-upgrade/
  3. I am looking to add on a rear light bar on back of my 2020 Silverado LTZ. In lieu of the 4 pin trailer connector, I have the 2 camera Jack's. Is there still a 4 pin trailer connector point in the wire harness tucked up out of the way, or is it completely eliminated with the camera package?
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