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  1. This site has great reviews and cool stuff, including the Wired to Wireless upgrade. I will be pulling the trigger myself soon. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/silverado-sierra-wireless-car-play-android-auto-navigation-and-hd-radio-upgrade/
  2. I purchased one from dealer when buying my 2020 Silverado LB a couple years ago. Open/close/latch is done with tailgate open, which somewhat secures it. Pros: Looks Awesome, easy to use and maintain. For partial loads, I string a rope thru the middle & secure it. Cons: Plastic buckles on retaining straps, when open, can break easily due to angle of latch. One of mine broke the first time I tried to latch. Dealer did replace under warranty. Just have to be cautious. Too much water intrusion at front corners. I live in Western Washington, so get nice winter rains. Dealer reinstalled it and while intrusion slowed some, still frustratingly much. When wet inside bed, condensation forms inside on the aluminum, contributing to more moisture and the felt can then get wet. All this can then freeze. You must keep the track part of rails and bottom of cover that sits in track lubed (silicon) during times of winter rain/freeze weather we get here, otherwise you cannot open the cover till the track thaws. Black cover/Aluminum construction has high thermal loading which can burn during summer if not careful. Overall, I like the cover for looks, security and ease of operation. I get frustrated with the water intrusion, and incorporate it into my planning.
  3. Check out the offering of the radio upgrade, plus the other things on this website: https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/silverado-sierra-wireless-car-play-android-auto-navigation-and-hd-radio-upgrade/
  4. I am looking to add on a rear light bar on back of my 2020 Silverado LTZ. In lieu of the 4 pin trailer connector, I have the 2 camera Jack's. Is there still a 4 pin trailer connector point in the wire harness tucked up out of the way, or is it completely eliminated with the camera package?
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