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  1. Traditionally lower offsets would help reduce rubbing however with the style of our fenders it's the opposite. With that said you'll rub less if any with the +20 than you would with the -18. If you like PM me and I'll offer you more specifics and can help you achieve what you're looking for.
  2. What we always recommend our customers is to run ET lug nuts. ET "Extended Thread" lug nuts will offer just that, more threads. With ET lugs you can run up to 10mm spacers in most cases without an issue. Let me know if we can be of any assistance.
  3. Thanks for sharing this info. I want to also add that one of the bigger contributing factors in the wheel to caliper clearance has to do with the X-Factor of the wheel design. As an example you're running an 18x9 with a +18 offset and have 2 to 3 mm in clearance between your wheel and brake. However if you have a wheel with a different design as an example a wheel with a flat face and no lip (like the stock wheels) that distance will increase substantially. With that said, while the offset is an indicator to always be considered the X-Factor of the wheel is equally as if not more important. None the less I appreciate seeing feedback like yours as I'm constantly updating our database and this insight is solid.
  4. If by chance you can't source them we have been selling a decent mount of the Black Rhino Mesa wheels which have a similar appearance than stock and do come in gloss black. Here's the link if interested: https://wheelsasap.com/shop/custom-wheels/mesa-gloss-black/filters/diameter/20/bolt-pattern/6x139-7/
  5. I'll be glad to share some feedback on some of the builds we've done. Ok so even with the 2" Readlift on top of the factory lift our customers have experienced some decent rubbing when running 35"s with 10" wide wheels and negative offsets. You'll need to trim some plastics (see below) and also from the feedback I've gathered some metal as well. Regretfully we have done one locally they have all been out of state customers so I don't have images of the metal trimming required. I have heard from some customer that with the 20x10 -18 they got away with the below trimming only but I can't confirm that. Today we're test fitting 35" tires on 20x9 wheels with your exact same lift feel free to email me at admin(@)wheelsasap.com if you like and I'll share my finding with you. After that test fit I'd have a better idea of any challenges you'll be facing. Trimming guide: https://wheelsasap.com/gmc-at4-oversized-tire-trimming-guide/
  6. Sorry forgot to ping you on my previous post. Here's the link https://wheelsasap.com/gmc-at4-oversized-tire-trimming-guide/
  7. Sure, here's a nice instructional video we made regarding the mud flap trimming for the GMC AT4 and Silverado Trailboss: https://wheelsasap.com/gmc-at4-oversized-tire-trimming-guide/
  8. Just noticed I mention 22 meant to have said 20, my bad. Same advise applies though as the width and the offset are the contributing factor. I'd stick to a -12 thru -18 offset on a 10 width and that's also where you would find most wheel brands target. Check out the below link of a truck I just posted, it's running 20x10 -18 on 35s, It looks Amazing!
  9. You can certainly run that fitment but expect some major rubbing. I'd strongly recommend the much more common 22x10 set up which you can accommodate nicely with just minor plastic trimming while still achieving a nice stance. Keep in mine our fenders (AT4) are not as open as the Silverados and even the Silverados require a good amount of chopping to accommodate 22x12s. I'll be more than happy to assist you either way, feel free to pm me if you'd like to further discuss.
  10. Hey Folks, Check out this lifted Chevrolet Silverado w/ 20x10 Fuel Rogue wheels & 35" Tires. The wheels are 20x10 in a -18 which make for a nice concavity and a poke that we consider Just Right, not too far out and certainly not flush. The wheels are the Fuel Rogue D709 in satin black finish wrapped in 35x12.50r20 Nitto Ridge Grappler tires which make for a nice bulge. We didn't obtain much details regarding the lift but I'd assume it's a 4" and most likely did some trimming. You can view our entire collection of Fuel Wheels including the Fuel Rogue D709 here: https://wheelsasap.com/fuel-wheels/ I'm really liking this look, me personally I run 18x9s on my AT4 but not going to lie this 20x10 -18 fitment on 35s is starting to grow on me. What do you folks think? Do you consider this a proper fitment? Let's hear your thoughts!
  11. That is certainly a known issue. Your factory wheels don't offer the offset / backspace required to clear your upper control arms. If you decide to run spacers make sure you go with hub centric quality spacers such as those offered by Bora.
  12. Looking good, Love the fitment! Stock height correct?
  13. Hey guys our primary business is wheels and tires but we ordered in a small batch of AMP Research PowerSteps part #76254-01a specific for the 2019-2020 GMC & Chevy 1500s and some others. If you use discount code SAVE BIG when checking out you'll get a discount which lands them just under $1350.00 with free freight. This is an introductory price as it's a new product for us and we're looking to build some volume, price will revert back to $1499.00 later. SHORT DESCRIPTION: The AMP Research Part #76254-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards are a Plug N Play System for 2019-2020 Chevrolet/GMC Silverado, Sierra 1500, 2020 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 2500/3500, Double and Crew Cab. https://wheelsasap.com/product/amp-research-76254-01a-powerstep-electric-running-boards/
  14. Hey Ryan, A 20x10 with a +0 offset will be a 5.5" back spacing. If you're looking for that specific set up PM me and I'll send you a link with options.
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