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  1. Rides great on pavement and good condition dirt roads..tires aren't too loud. I haven't been on anything major offroad yet. I ordered some brackets that replace the hole where the mud flaps go. Took them out due to the slight rub there. Also looking into some fenderflares due to the poke. That's one reason I haven't gone all out on these gravel roads in Texas yet.
  2. Hello everybody, After a two month plus backorder, I was able to get my 2.5" (4" total) BDS lift kit on my AT4. I kept the 18" wheels (-12 offset on 9 in wide) and put on 35x12.5" Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I trimmed a small amount on the front lining due to rubbing at one angle. The bigger issue was in the back that required some trimming of the bracket. Even then, there was a tiny rub that probably would have gone away after a few miles on the road. A couple small hits with the hammer on the bracket allowed the tire to clear without touching. The ridge grapplers are almost a true 35" (actual 34.76") and I think if I had gone with a tire that was 34.5" there wouldn't have been any rubbing on the bracket. You'd still have to trim the mud flap I imagine. If you are concerned and want to give yourself room for error, shoot for ~34.3". The front may be affected more with a stock front bumper, as I have a replacement. The guide on the internet is fairly accurate, but I did not take the bracket off. Just heat and cut. https://wheelsasap.com/gmc-at4-oversized-tire-trimming-guide/ I didn't take pictures of the bracket/flap rub on the back, unfortunately. Hope this helps. JR
  3. Great response, thanks. How far out your fender is the tire sticking out? I may switch to 20" wheels if it will keep the tires further in. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  4. Any update to this? There is no guidance on the BDS instructions regarding 35" tires with 18" wheels. Is that restriction related to these tie rods? Just running a negative offset wheel (-13 for 9mmW it seems) will allow for the tie rod to clear? And run the larger tires? Thanks
  5. Hi all, Attached are pictures of a Frontier front bumper w/ brush guard on my 2020 AT4. The bar on the brush guard does block the front camera slightly, but you are still able to use it to gauge the distance between the front bumper and the object in front of you due to the angle. Install took 1.5 hours at a store. This is Frontier Truck Gear - 300-31-9008.
  6. Can you PM me the info of the place in SA? Was that front only? Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  7. which type of tint did you use? smoke/carbon/etc? any reason you went for a specific shade over another?
  8. I get around 18-19 mpg at 60 mph but if I go up to 80 mph the average drops to about 15 mpg Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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