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  1. Owners manual actually says "If the vehicle has 255/70R17, LT245/75R17, or LT275/70R18 size tires, they may be installed on the tires of the front and rear axle."
  2. Two part thread. Anyone else use the Auto function in rain (or snow) and notice a huge increase in traction? I have a certain road in my city that is 2 lanes (each direction) with a speed limit of 65mph. Every time it rains if the truck is in 2 high and I barley tap the accelerator I start to spin. with the Auto selection on I can dang near put it to the floor and have no issues with traction. Definitely love that feature. With that being said, I live in Central Texas and don't deal with snow very much. I plan on taking a trip to Jackson, WY this new years leaving from the Austin, Texas area and traveling to Boulder, CO then on to Jackson. I'm curious if y'all would suggest taking chains or other traction increase devices? I have factory tires and the owners manual does say "If the vehicle has 255/70R17, LT245/75R17, or LT275/70R18 size tires, they may be installed on the tires of the front and rear axle." Do y'all only recommend chains at all and if you do do you recommend using them if I am in "Auto" or have 4 high/ low engaged or think it can also be used in 2 wheel?
  3. I did the same exact thing, only I got the black chrome tips so my factory tips are now null and void and just sitting on my garage storage rack. I also did the cold air intake and my MPG went up quickly on the highway drive home. Unfortunately when I hit those surface streets my happiness goes up when I put my foot to the floor then my happiness quickly goes away when I see that historical MPG drop.
  4. Mind posting pics when you finish your plasti dip? Only thing that worries me about going with a lift is losing my ability to park in a garage.
  5. I have been able to find a difference in over 1K just for parts alone for the Frontier Gear bumper. Total cost front and rear installed I found for $1625.00 in San Antonio, Texas. To sand blast and add the bed liner coating with color match I found the cheapest for $450 for both.
  6. I almost bought a 2019 but after finding out the 2020's were the only ones with the bed view and the adaptive cruise control I made a switch. I would assume if you wanted to upgrade to the third brake light bed view camera you would have to run a wire from the third brake light to the infotainment system. Good luck.
  7. Lets talk bumpers! Has anyone done a front and rear end bumper replacement? Here are the options I have found that I have been told (but not confirmed) work with a 2020 Sierra 1500 AT4 with tech package (adaptive cruise, cross path detection, front and rear parking sensors). I would prefer to having something with a front receiver and grill guard built in. Front receiver preference so I can just buy one winch and not have to worry about dishing out the big bucks for two winches. Front Bumpers: Frontier Gear Front Bumpers: Two options, one with a light bar and one without, this is the link to the non-lightbar one. Had these bumpers on my 2017 and never had a complaint. Westin HDX Bandit Front Bumper: They claim this one fits a 2019 and they claim the wire mesh is removable to work with adaptive cruise control but based on the way it looks I’m not convinced. Ranch Hand Midnight Front Bumper: Found some pictures at the non-factory website over HERE. Bodyguard A2L Baja Front Bumper: Does not have a grill guard and dang, that price tag… Addictive Desert Designs Front Bumpers: Large price tag and no grill guard Fab Fours Front Bumpers: Large price tag Rear Bumpers: Frontier Gear Rear Bumper: Again, had this product on my 2017 and loved it. It was a different style but it was great. Westin Outlaw Rear Bumper: Not compatible with factory trailer hitch but I like how it hides the hitch (after you install theirs). Not sure how sturdy or reliable this one would be, looks more like a baja bumper with thin sheet metal to cover up the gaps. Westin HDX Bandit Rear Bumper: Like the look and style, but on back order Ranch Hand Sport Rear Bumper: Looks nice, really no major opinion Bodyguard A2 Rear Bumper: Looks the most aggressive but, dang that price tag! Addictive Desert Designs Rear Bumpers: Large price tag Fab Fours Rear Bumpers: Large price tag What are your thoughts? Have you seen anything better? Final question is paint/ finish options. Leave it black powder coated as it comes? Strip and repaint to match vehicle color (pacific blue)? Strip and add a product like Rhino Liner or Line-X in standard black? Strip and add Rhino Liner or Line-X product with color match, it wont be exact because they can’t gloss it but it’ll be close. As suggestions come in I can edit the original post to add more.
  8. Do you like your S-Type? Trying to decide if I should go for it or go with the ATAK.
  9. Did your's have the stock 20's or stock 18's? If it was the stock 20's that look like this I may buy them from you.
  10. When is your appointment? That's exactly what I am wanting to do but just not sure yet.
  11. As long as it is installed by a GM dealer. Go to the accessories website and it's on there.
  12. So after seeing both GMC and Chevy doing up to 20% off MSRP for the accessories website I'm considering doing the air intake and cat back exhaust change out. Does anyone feel that there is such a major difference between the Borla S-Type (GM Approved) and the Borla ATAK (non GM Approved) that I should risk voiding the warranty and going with the ATAK? I think either way I'll stick with the GM approved air intake, they look nice and really are cost effective for the most part.
  13. I have a VAVA, used it in my 2017 and actually allowed me to collect almost 6k from a trucking companies insurance because a rock hauler didn't have the trailer dump door shut and spilt gravel all over my truck on the highway, no major complaints with it.
  14. Please update with pics when you finish!
  15. Check this post out: I bought mine about 3 weeks ago and I LOVE it. Just tinted it out and added a Ronin Factory Bullet antenna. I bought my 2020 used with 10k miles on it so it had a bed cover and center console organizer already. Next steps for me are an air intake, exhaust, front and rear bumper replacements then I think I'll be done for awhile.
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