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  1. Hey guys, did my delivery of my AT4 on Wednesday and had a bit of a disagreement with my dealer. Does anyone have any documentation from GM on whether the trailer TPMS sensors are actually included with the truck. From what I can tell my AT4 with premium package should have come with them but my salesman disagreed, saying that I had to pay for them separately? Bonus points if there is documentations from GM Canada. Thanks guys! My truck is definitely equipped with the "Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System" btw, I just can't find any verbage from GM as to if the sensors are actually included.
  2. Going by what sits on the lot probably isn’t super accurate, I bet most custom orders on higher Trims are all 6.2’s. I would say that over half are comfortable on the 5.3 though.
  3. I plan on using the Duratracs that come with my off road performance pack. They are actually pretty solid tires for deep snow. Where they start to fall behind is on ice, where dedicated winters (esp with studs) perform much better. Overall dedicated winters are much better, but I have always found the gap to be a fair bit smaller for Truck AT tires to Truck winters than passenger car all seasons to winters. I would run something mountain snowflake rated for sure, just know the bar for that symbol is not very high if you see real winter. For size, Just keep same overall diameter tire, but a little less rim always helps.
  4. I’ve never known someone who has had their steps still working after more than a few years in Canada. Especially if you use your truck off paved roads. Denali, Escalade whatever. Now if you own under warranty, nbd just get them fixed. But on an out of warranty truck I would consider them liabilities.
  5. So installing this precludes the use of the under seat locker? (Sorry haven’t had my truck delivered yet) I was hoping to make good use of the locker to store SG’s/rifles
  6. Flip a coin Just as valid as asking people you have never met which colour is better lol
  7. Ugh now the delay is starting to bite me... Got scheduled to go on a field tour with operations next Tuesday and instead of being able to take my cosy new AT4 I’ll have to rent a shitty single cab work truck for the trip, and the mileage bill out for the trip would have been a month of truck payments... damn. My boss openly said, well I’m going to hold off renting a truck in case your new one shows up in time because those rentals suck.
  8. +1 this tailgate definitely looks like it will need some protection.
  9. Finally got an update on this, bought the truck on the 23rd and it was listed as 4200 in transit at that point already coming from Ft Wayne. Just got notice that it has landed in Vancouver today and is about to be shipped to Kamloops ( presumably by truck since its only a few hour drive ). From there the dealer needs to take possession of it formally before it will be transported to Calgary. All that being said i think i will be LUCKY to have it by next weekend. Sounds like in transit is easily 4+ weeks from Indiana to Canada from when the truck rolls off assembly line by my math.
  10. Any word on if retrofits will be an option? Assuming big $$$ if you have 360
  11. I used car cost Canada for mine which is pretty reputable. Usually we are way behind the curve vs the states so I assume there is a similar service there? unhaggle? essentially it tastes msrp for truck and all options and tells you what the dealer pays for said truck and those options. And summarizes available incentives for your region.
  12. Yup. Theoretically it tells you exactly what the dealer pays for the truck and what incentives are available from GM. Easiest way to buy a truck is pull the report and email the dealer saying you will pay 1-2% over that and if they want to make a deal.
  13. Pull a car cost report? That’s what I did when I bought my truck.
  14. I feel like protecting it right away is the lesser evil.
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