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  1. A+ First post. Great contribution to the community. You have a bright future ahead of you sir!
  2. Cool, I agree it’s not needed but would be a nice to have when hauling a varied load in the bed on the highway
  3. This is the correct answer. The need for 3.73 gears is mostly a legacy thing stuck in people’s heads.
  4. Yea I was on the limit between a 2020 and 2019. End of the day the new toys were not worth the 20k discount off the 2019 I got versus no incentives on 20’s. 20k buys a lot of upgrades haha.
  5. Interesting. I agree it would be great to check on your load with the camera. It’s so funny the number of cameras GM is packing into these things.
  6. Yea if you even look at the multi pro wrong it will refuse to open. A manual release would be greatly appreciated. Seems like whatever the sensors are for determining open/close are VERY touchy.
  7. So I was browsing around and saw this feature for a bed view camera. But that view doesn’t seem to be available on my Sierra (2019 AT4 with the rear view camera surround view etc). Is this 2020+ only? Anyone know if it involves a second third brake light camera or if it’s a software thing only? First GMC and I’m very unused to every year having dramatically different features than that last it’s quite confusing haha. Hopefully this new computer system gets cracked open soon and all these year to year features and restrictions can be updated coded in easily enough like you can on most makes haha ( still can’t figure out for the life of me what the difference is with the trailer camera side mirrors and my surround camera mirrors that allows you to use the cameras as trailer mirror views lol )
  8. Not the greatest pic but borrowed my brothers car hauler to move furniture to my new house. Don’t do much towing (none) but she did it like a champ even when loaded right up. Pretty happy with the sag even with the off road suspension. Didn’t even have the equalizer bars installed since I was pulling through the inner city.
  9. I really don’t like Chrome, so Denali was never an option for me. AT4 was just as nice as Denali with my truck as it’s optioned (loaded). I also appreciate the extra bit of clearance. And love the aggressive rims and tires the off road performance package got me. Interior is also pretty cool. Overall my AT4 already had all the “mods” I would have wanted on the truck right from factory.
  10. That was definitely my take too. Probably due to all the Albertans driving Denalis lol
  11. Silverado doesn’t turn by crank at all. Looks like it’s trying to be a Camaro. My Sierra AT4 looks like a truck, that’s what I wanted it to look like. That and when I got mine the Silverado only came with the little girl engine
  12. I have been thinking of a blackvue, waiting for whatever the next refresh is since I’m a video quality snob. I just want to make YouTube videos of people who drive the wrong way down streets lol
  13. My salesman was telling me the new CT6’s will have this feature from factory. Such a waste.
  14. Been in a Ankle cast for 3 weeks and my truck hasn’t been driven, wife Drove my truck on the weekend And it asked for the password. Maybe it’s just periods of inactivity? I think it has done this once before.
  15. +1, sounds like a time for better tires... Sincerely, Canada
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