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  1. I have it and the exhaust with the 6.2 on my truck. I don’t know what it sounds like without but the truck doesn’t sound ridiculously loud in any way with both in my opinion.
  2. Dude why are you so angry? They are not great nerf bars, they are an appearance option at best. Maybe your salesman was a piece of shit, good for you for giving him business and perpetuating that problem, but all my guy was telling me was to take a rip down to the hardware store and buy some grip tape for them. There were no more expensive options for me to buy, that’s the benefit of buying a fully loaded vehicle with every option lol. The bars look cool, but I expect them to do absolutely nothing to protect my truck. And they are definitely smooth and slippery. I have to warn people getting into my truck about them on a daily basis and have had multiple people eat shit who weren’t paying attention. I'm not comparing these to whatever came on a ‘16. I’m calling them for what they are.
  3. To each their own. My salesman warned me about them on delivery they had a lot of annoyed customers. looks sweet, but leave something to be desired for sure.
  4. Thanks! He’s a European line German Shepard Dog. Sweet little dude for sure.
  5. The real issue with these is they are slippery as all hell when wet. thinking of getting mine coated in bed liner.
  6. AT4 with 20” rims comes with 33” tires, same truck with 18” rims (the ones with duratracs) run 32” tires. So the trucks with the 18” rims are about half an inch shorter than the trucks with 20’s. It’s bizarre but true. another fun fact. The spare is 31” OD Making it nearly useless. Not sure what kind of engineers GM hires, probably the ones with accounting degrees. That is a pretty big difference imo.
  7. This and the ability to activate the cameras regardless of what speed I am going are something I want quite a lot.
  8. My AT4 has like 6 USB ports. 2 dash. 2 console. 2 back of console for rear passengers. Plus 12V and 120 on dash, and another 12v in the rear for passengers. Its a bit out of hand lol.
  9. I really wish I could somehow retrofit automatic cruise into my 19. wasn’t worth losing tens of thousands in incentives for it, it would have been nice.
  10. +1 On the black levels, they really suck with no way to adjust. CarPlay looks much better on my wife’s Lexus screen. Much blacker. Also on my AT4 iPhone USB definitely sounds better than BT. Which makes sense, way higher but rate and less compression with USB than BT
  11. Diesel is a great fuel too. Maybe you should mix a bit of that in your tank lol. This forum has an odd obsession with putting fuels in these Trucks that they aren’t designed to take.
  12. Here is another good one that a lot of people probably don’t know. Google assistant (and Alexa) can talk to GMC and you can remote start your truck with your voice. You have to audibly say your PIN which is a bit annoying but pretty slick overall.
  13. It doesn’t talk to the car systems at all. Just displays it on the Center console screen.
  14. I just helped my brother install one on his F150 today. Nifty unit and really solid. Can’t comment on the new style gm’s though, can’t imagine it Varys much.
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