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  1. First video is a cold start after sitting at work all day second video is after driving home with the temp around 200 Ignore the exhaust leak. That will be fixed today. For some reason the magnaflow catback doesn't like the magnaflow cats.
  2. I have a 2005 silverado 1500 with the L33 motor. I've had this knocking noise since 170k miles and now it seems at times like it's getting worse, and others it sounds like it's getting better. The truck now has 215k on it now. Truck does not seem to have a loss in power. Oil pressure sits above 40psi at idle and around 50-60 normal driving. Oil level is checked every week and Is topped off whenever its below half on the stick. Tried switching to a thicker 10-30 Penzoil high millage with no change in noise. The weird thing is, is that it seems to go away at higher speeds. You can here it get faster with higher rpms in a parking lot, but if you pull onto a main road and go, It sounds normal. I'm stumped and have been told many things from different techs at my dealer. Some say manifold bolts, some say a cracked flywheel, piston slap, rod knock, valves, lifters, you name it. I'm stumped and ready to put a new motor in it. Any insight is very appreciated! I took a video on it
  3. I own a 2005 silverado 1500 with the aluminum L33 motor. When the engine is cold or if it is cold outside, it runs quiet but as soon as it warms up there is a knocking sound from underneath the truck. It sounds like piston slap but everything I've read has to do with piston slap when cold and it going away as it warms up. Mine is the opposite. Any ideas or known fixes.
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