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  1. PLEASE READ THIS POST IN IT'S ENTIRETY! I have a 2016 GMC Canyon. The Driver's side power seat stopped working completely. The fuse and relay are both working. The problem is in the Truck's computer. My oil change guy suggested that I do the following: Unplug the power seat beneath the seat itself (both sets of wires), then take the negative post cable off of the battery and wait 2 hours. Once the 2 hours have passed, first re-plug the wires under the seat, then re-connect the battery. Once I did this, On my dash display, I got the message "ACTION REQUIRED, lower and raise the driver's side window. Once I did this, I then tried my power seat. The motor worked and allowed me to move it forward, however the other directional movements would not respond. At least I was able to move it forward from the rear-most position, before it quit working again. IT IS BECOMING APPARENT TO ME THIS THIS IS A PRE-DESIGNED COMPUTER PROBLEM INTENDED TO KICK-IN ONCE THE TRUCK WARRANTY HAS EXPIRED. TO CORRECT THIS PROBLEM, ALL A GM DEALER HAS TO DO IS TO PLUG THEIR COMPUTER INTO THE TRUCK'S COMPUTER PLUG AND "FLASH" THE CONSOLE TO RESET THE TRUCK'S CONSOLE COMPUTER SYSTEM. AND OF COURSE, IT'S A $135.00 CHARGE! WHAT A RIP-OFF! MY FAMILY SOLD GM CARS FOR OVER 70 YEARS BEFORE RETIRING FROM THE BUSINESS. IF THIS IS HOW GM CONDUCTS BUSINESS TODAY, MY FAMILY WILL NEVER AGAIN OWN A GM VEHICLE.
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