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  1. I installed a new spider injector from Tamerx. Not running well so pulled just installed plugs. Running heavy rich on #8. #6 and #4 looked pretty good, slightly rich on #2. #1 doesn't look like is getting anything, plug looked like it came out of the box. #1 and #8 are getting spark. The timing is off, got it close enough to run, but trying to find a scanner. Any ideas why this variation?
  2. I have a horrible miss now. Started a year ago. Was missing, so new distributor, wires, and plugs. No change, so put a new spider injector on it. Ran great for a week. Then started missing again, especially under load. Found out fuel tank had hole and pump was clogged. New tank,pump, and fuel lines. Still missing. Took spider out and cleaned injectors. A little better, then all of a sudden running horrible. So replace the spider, started out ok but didn't make the first lap around the block. Thought it may be spark since it's worse under load. Changed coil, made it worse, even at idle. Any ideas where to go next, besides back to a pre-72 and forget the early days of computers? Never had this generation of engine. Thanks!
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