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  1. Does anyone know how the LED Chevy Bow Tie works ? Does the LED light match the same hue/kelvin as the factory led head lights and day time running lights ? I really dont like chrome but I also dont want to get it if the light doesnt match or cant be adjusted . If anyone knows please educate me!!!!! Take care
  2. Looks awesome ! I just ordered the RB 20s non coated , gonna take it and get them "Linex'd", supposedly i heard the spray on from GoRIno isn't as thickly applied as it should be. Either way I think they look amazing and im sure they will hold up just fine, cant wait for mine to come in.
  3. Hey guys need a little help real quick, getting a pick up as the wife and I want to get a camper. I've towed before but only in yards, semis, so I would like all the extra help I can get with towing. I have a 2020 Trail Boss Midnight Edition with the 6.2 lined up and I see that the Trailer Camera Package is included in the work order for the vehicle, will be made by July, hopefully. Does the Trailer Camera package include any side view cameras ? I'm pretty sure it does not do the 360 vision like the AT4 does, but I was hoping it has cameras for the sides of the truck and the trailer.
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