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  1. I have let mine sit for days at a time with it plugged in and My rig never shows any sign of draining the battery at all. I have not gone more than a week with it sitting so not sure if it will drain eventually. I saw the warning too but did not think it would and it hasn’t. I have had it plugged in for around 2 years and it occasionally sits a few days, no issues with my battery.
  2. It was just a gasket gone bad prematurely. I have had my Range For a couple years and I love it. I have not taken it out for long periods of time just a day or so a few times when I take it to get worked on at the dealership. No issues to this point. When it’s unplugged the AFM works just like it did before the range. I’m not sure about the long term affects if you stop using the range.
  3. Having trouble finding this relay on my 17. Is it under the fuse box in the engine compartment?
  4. That’s what I figured. I’ve never heard of oil leaking with AFM turned off just possible oil consumption.
  5. I have a 2017 1500 5.3. I have been running the range to override the AFM for the majority of the life of the truck and I have noticed at 40,000 miles that I have an oil pan gasket leak or that at least appears where the leak is coming from. the AFM over ride may not be the cause but it seams like low mileage to develop a leak. has anyone experienced this? Or is this a common problem on this Gen of silverados unrelated to turning off the AFM? thanks for your advice.
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