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  1. Thank you . You have helped me make the decision ....I will be ordering with 3.73......Just wanted to hear input from someone who drove one ...that it is worth it ....tired of hearing the Trans will make up for higher gears . I.m used to 3.73 and 4.10s in my work trucks . If a few MPG are lost ...so be it .
  2. It is also available in the RST ....but you lose the bench seat as soon as you add 3.0 , but with 6.2 you can get bench as long as not leather ....go figure
  3. I'm a GMC guy also ....My lease is up in august and I have had my eye on the 3.0 for awhile ....was searching for trucks with 6 passenger ability and came across something with the 3.73 option ...so I followed that path to find they are hidden in that package . Kills me that you have to give up so much to have that 40/20/40 front seat .
  4. Thank you for all the info. I will be coming out of a 17 Denali with 6.2...3.23 ....8spd set up .....very enjoyable to drive. Had 5.3 ...3.42 ...6spd before that and wasn't all that impressed . Before that 6.6 Dmax ....wish i never got rid of ....but can't really justify another 6.6. Would have to order the 3.0 ...No dealer would ever put a truck together the way i want it .....i always liked the taller gears .
  5. Does anyone have or driven a 3.0L with the Diesel off road pkg and the 3.73 gears ....Just wondering if any big advantage .
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