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  1. Search feature is pretty unusable and did not turn up anything on this. I am looking to add a second battery inside engine compartment to wire up a 2000w invertor in the bed to. The idea is that the second battery would be used to handle whatever I want to run off the invertor while driving or parked. Yes I can just put second battery in the bed of the truck, throw in an isolator and wire to primary but I am looking to see if anyone has done a second battery under the hood, I would prefer not to have a battery in the bed of the truck. Something a little more factory and a little cleaner if possible.
  2. I ended up with the RetraxOne XR that I got on blackfriday for $1160 shipped. Standard Bed (6'7") I absolutely love it. Goes through carwash fine, protected stuff during blizzards, I have driven nearly 4k miles since I got it chasing snowstorms and its worked amazing in -20 degrees, rain, snow, etc. Very happy with it. I plan on getting crossbar system and bike rack stuff sometime before April since I have a big family camping trip to the grand canyon planned.
  3. It looks like you can slide things underneath it all the way to the front of the bed up to 10"-12" high or so. I just got it delivered yesterday, havent installed it yet. It does stick out from the front of the bed to the tailgate about 8-10" and then down around a 8-10" as well. Ill get some good measurements once installed.
  4. I dont know much about the knolly! Looks like a 170/160mm alum frame enduro? Finally got the cover from fedex today. Making appointment for local shop to put it on. Quoted me $150 for installation. Sounds better than 2 hours of my time at 20 degrees outside (no heated shop for me). Ill post up some pics once I have it on.
  5. And within seconds of posting, Retrax announces 15% off sitewide. On the retrax site with 15% and taxes it came to 1,275.38 I went to https://tonneaucovered.com/ and called them. $1169 free shipping, no tax. Placed my order. Retrax One XR, 6'7" standard bed. The standard embark poly from GMC with the 25% off and tax would have been $1035. Feel like I did pretty well. since the xr is usually $100 over the standard poly I would have only saved $34 had I been able to get it through GMC. Good luck and happy shopping guys!
  6. Im looking at the Retrax One XR model that has the slot in the side rail to attach cross bars to put on extra storage bins, bike racks, skis, etc. So i wont ever strap anything to the cover itself. And like beauso79, the option to slide and lock is important to me. Ive been waiting on Retrax to get a black friday deal out, every other tonneau cover company has 15-30% off. Id do the 25% off from GM in a heartbeat if it was the right version. Hopefully Retrax announces something today...
  7. I love aluminum. I just think its overkill for a cover. I'm not going to be standing up on it and the poly will hold up to weather just fine. My truck is parked in garage and gets taken out for mtn biking, snowmobiling, camping, basically play time or family trips etc. Hard to justify extra $500 for aluminum when it doesn't really benefit my situation at all.
  8. Yes It appears to be the wrong description. The Poly will only hold up to 200lbs. Aluminum will hold 500. https://retrax.com/retraxone-xr/2020/gmc/sierra-1500
  9. So both of those you posted are the aluminum covers. The difference is the LS has the rail slot for Crossbar attachments, hence why its $100 more. The poly version NON-LS is here for $1259: https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/standard-bed-embark-poly-retractable-tonneau-cover-by-advantage-associated-accessories-19416970?year=2020&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado 1500&modelId=491&body=Crew Cab Pickup&bodyId=22&wheel=Standard Box&wheelId=652&trim=LT&trimId=430&drive=4WD&driveId=8&engine=3.0L L6 DIESEL&engineId=17881&bodyNumDoors=5&categoryId=98027 They do not appear to sell the LS in a poly. I tried calling a couple dealers yesterday and never got through to an actual parts representative... surprise, surprise.
  10. Update: GM is running the 25% off MSRP. They have the Embark LS Retractable Aluminum which is the same as the Retrax Pro XR with install at dealer for 1,650.35 However I do not see the Embark LS in poly on the GM website. Thats too bad, with 25% off I would snap that up in a heart beat. Does anyone know if this can be ordered from the dealer in Poly? I can get the Retrax One XR (Poly) for 1299. But would have to install myself, which is fine, I just like having it all under warranty at the dealer if possible.
  11. Looking for deals on Tonneau covers. No folding, no soft shell, must have locking. Would like something comparable to the Retrax One XR (cheapest I have found is 1299). Locking and side channels for attachments above the bed for bikes/skis, etc. Does GM have anything going on? If you see any good deals post them up please!
  12. Order the black vinyl stickers off ebay for like $30. Then super clean the red part of the letters with alcohol. Once dry make sure that the letters are not baking in the sun or that its too hot out. You also dont want it below freezing. Then slowly and carefully put the vinyl into place over top of the red letters.
  13. Well update on p26C0. i cleared the code so I could drive back home. Dealer did nothing about it. It has not come back. They will not fix it unless it throws code. Took another long camping trip and threw code p0421. It put me into limp mode at 65mph limit after 175 miles ( i was 300 away from home). This time I did not clear it. Dealer said unless it was "ACTIVE" that they were not authorized to fix it. They cleared it and gave me truck back. A bunch of BS. Keep the code so we can fix it, so I keep the code and they dont fix it. I cant win. This is getting old. Truck has 8000 miles on it. Beginning to think pulling 7000lb trailers in the rocky mountains is too much for this truck. Whats going to happen on my next long camping trip... stay tuned.
  14. Well threw a code... 300 miles from home. I had just dragged my trailer (7500lbs with water)- 280 miles from home mostly on the freeway at 75mph, over several very large mountain passes. I then was hauling the trailer up to a ski resort at 10,000 feet up an 6-18% grade road (https://www.dangerousroads.org/north-america/usa/4005-beaver-canyon-byway.html) for the curious. We had a race we were running up there and wanted a shower and comforts for when we were done. She was running hot pulling those steep turns and three turns from the top threw the code and went into limp mode. We were there 3 days. we camped a couple of miles from the race start and so after driving back and for a bunch on day 2 i finally got the code to clear with my scanner. Dealership said to leave trailer and limp home. I had no locks and didnt want another weekend shot. I ended up making the drive home late at night (cooler temps) and much lower speeds and limped home. Code never came back on. Truck is at dealer, who says they may not be able to do anything since I cleared the code... Anybody else get this code yet?
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