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  1. I have ordered the flowmaster system and am planning on dual out the back. I also want to put on the Hellwig Sway Bar. Does anyone know if they will interfere with each other? I think I am going to have the sway bar done first at a local mechanic shop then take it to an exhaust shop for the exhaust just in case they have to adjust it. Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I never plan on doing nitrous or anything like that. The truck is pretty great the way it is, but I am looking for some better performance on take off and when entering the interstate or passing people. Plus more of a truck sound to it. Right now I can barely even hear it running.
  3. Will do. I am hoping to get it done in the next 2 weeks.
  4. I hadn't even thought about calling them. That's a good idea. But I am hesitant as they will probably tell me how great the single exhaust is. But again, good idea. We used to have a truck center here, but it closed earlier this year. Now we just have to depend on knowledge of people on the web or some mechanic at a shop we don't even know. I actually had a mechanic I totally trusted at a local shop. He ended up leaving the area and before he left I asked him who he would trust to work on it. He told me to start going to the dealer for my work. I was driving a dodge challenger shaker at the time. I thought he was just mad, but he was right. My brother took his car there to get new struts and shocks on a ford escape and had to go back 3 times to get it right. Seems like it's hard to find a place or mechanic i can trust in my area. I try to do everything I can myself when possible any more. I may give Banks a call Monday. Thanks for the input.
  5. I don't have a local speed shop. And the Banks said up to 39 horsepower using their entire system including the exhaust. But I wanted the dual exhaust and Banks only offers single exhaust. Then of course I went down the rabbit hole and started looking into other stuff. The throttle body is an easy add-on so I asked about that. I do not know much about them though. I think there is a shop in town that I may go talk to this week. It's a truck place, but I don't know if they have dyno capabilities or not. So far this is as far as I probably need to go.
  6. Going to be installing a Banks Ram Air CAI, Flowmaster American Thundrers, and a Banks program. What sequence would you go with? I already have the CAI and programmer. I guess one could ask, when is the right time to install the program? Should I wait until after the exhaust is done? Also, have been thinking about a ported throttle body or a throttle body spacer. Which way would you go and why? And lastly, what can I reasonably expect performance wise?
  7. These are a pain for sure. Start with the gray one. Use a small flat tip screwdriver on the bottom right side (of your photo) there should be a little tab to press in a pull out at the same time. The do the black one. The black one has the tab on the right side as well.
  8. I put mine in without the harness. I have one power port and the 110v working without it. I am glad I put it in. I love it so much more than the seat. Plus, how many ports are really needed. At this point, as long as I can charge my phone I am happy.
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