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  1. Anybody wired a set up or have any idea how much the harness for these cost? I'm planning to add a used set to my truck, but they don’t come w/a harness.
  2. Here’s a terrible pic, but what it looked like w/3.5” before I changed them out. They were (IMO) pretty ridiculous. Now w/the new ones from RC the angles are perfect.
  3. I’m at 3.5” (2” shock lift and 1.5” spacer) in the front and 3” rear. Initially I ran the original UCAs but the angles were ridiculous. I swapped in some RC UCAs and angles look good now. Rides very close to stock & looks terrific. All incredible easy and quick to install. There’s a thread around here somewhere that talks about the UCA failures. Made me nervous enough to swap the new ones in.
  4. Installed 2” TB struts + a 1” lower spacer on the front and 3” block on the back. Drove about 40 miles yesterday and didn’t notice anything wrong. This morning theres a rub coming from the front end best I can tell. Seems to go away w/speed. Seems to be worse going 40 mph down and much worse getting on the brakes. Turning does not affect it. Ive looked and don’t see anything that’s rubbing. Brake calipers are tight but appear to be clear best I can see in there. The truck is a 2020 Silverado Crew Cab 4wd V8 and the 17” wheels
  5. I’m really glad you posted that. Probably saved me a ton of time and work. I was considering adding the 1.5” spacer (to make a total of 3.5”) and changing those UCAs and running 35s on the stock 18” wheels. That clearly wouldn’t work w/that setup.
  6. Can anybody differentiate between the UCA in this listing and the one in their 3.5” lift kit? Seems that it’s be pretty much the same and would correct the angles if adding a 1.5” leveling kit to a TB as well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/184284279832 https://www.roughcountry.com/chevy-suspension-lift-kit-29531c.html?find=2020-chevy-silverado-1500-4wd-568872
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