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  1. I would avoid an add-a-leaf to the composite since they are tuned to flex at certain points (namely the ends) and an add a leaf would likely cause them to fracture.
  2. Has anyone been able to crack the nut from an engineering perspective on why you’re not supposed to put a lift block under the composite springs (which my dealer did). Oddly enough- RC & Fabtech don’t have any warnings, just Chevy and Readylift. My theories are: 1- steel will continue to flex but not rebound when it hits its load limit but composite/carbon snaps 2- they are tuned for the trucks specific factory angles 3- GM figured out that this truck looks a lot better at 2”+ taller and wants more money
  3. I was cleaning the residue from some Velcro off my dash using a paper towel with rubbing alcohol- noticed a thin film coming off the fake metal on the dash. Is this fixable?
  4. I keep seeing in other groups folks having ball joint & UCA failures from doing a level- most seem to be with 2.5” or greater. I’m running the 2” zone upper puck system with no issues as of yet. I’m curious if anyone here has had issues- specifically with similar setups?
  5. Everything I’ve seen though has been with a 2.5”. Have you seen anything from a 2” puck system?
  6. I’ve been seeing folks on other forums talking about UCA failure/breakage as a result of leveling kits- specifically the MotoFab 2.5” upper strut puck system. Has anyone got any experience on this? I’m currently running the Zone 2” upper pucks up front and wondering if I need to go back to stock for the time being.
  7. Interested- all my experience lift/mod wise up until this point has been Jeeps. I’m surprised a 1.25” difference from stock would cause an issue- you think it wasn’t shimmed correctly?
  8. Truck is a 20 LT Z71 with the Zone 2” upper strut puck level up front and a ReadyLift 1.25” block in the rear. Prior to this I had just the ReadyLift lower strut spacer & stock rear but swapped that out due to CV concerns. With the current setup I notice a very slight shimmy primarily when coasting. The current setup was dealer installed & aligned. Anybody experience something similar?
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