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  1. I tried it any the continue to stay on, idk if I have it in the right spot or not? Does anyone have a picture I could reference?.
  2. Awesome man i really appreciate your help. Ill give it a shot!
  3. I don't see how the light sensor would be faulty as my headlights still turn on automatically. The puddle lights just continue to stay on. I can try to take it to my local dealership to see if they have the schematics, as I wasn't sure if it was a factory wire. Or why it would have been unplugged. Or where it should be plugged into if it is a factory wire.
  4. There is a wire that is pulled though, and I'm not sure what port it would be plugged back into, i attached a picture, it looks to be grey with a green stripe. But the actual wire for the puddle lights (grey) is still plugged in.
  5. Unfortunately I didn't see anything on the bcm that looks out of the ordinary. Any other thoughts or ideas?
  6. Hey guys how's it going. I just purchased a 2016 gmc sierra 1500. It has the power, heated folding sport mirrors with the puddle lights on the bottom. I didnt notice till I had the truck running at night that they constantly stay on. I checked all the doors to make sure they are closed. I tried to look in the owners manual, i tried the cargo lamp switch, pretty much the whole nine yards with no luck. I ended up taking it to my local dealership where they pulled the master electrical plug for the headlights and the puddle lights continued to stay on. The only way they seem to turn off is if the headlights are off. I know they should only turn on at night when a door opens or when the door is unlocked with the key fob. Has anyone had this issue before or does anyone have any insight or ideas on how to fix it so im not paying an arm and a leg at the dealership to get it fixed? Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance!!!
  7. does anyone know why my puddle lights would stay on constantly? Like I could be driving down the road and they stay on any help would be much appreciated!
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