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  1. I’ve been able to bring my 2020 in 3 times with the screen out. The dealership has a new head unit on order but it will take a month to get it in. In the meantime I went to the lemon law section of GM website and have started my case. Who knows how long this is going to take. My coworkers 2019 LT, all of his electronic system took a dive when he was driving. Another coworker, 2020 LT, his Pistons blew up.
  2. ????? Did the magic smoke fix the issue? But really, what +/- wires were they talking about??
  3. great info. Any chance you still have a copy of the invoice from that visit?
  4. Just had mine do it this morning. Chevy 1500 lt short bed. Sitting in line at the service center now.
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