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  1. Looked at the picture thread and think I found the answer. Someone has done what I want to do. Think I can live with a slight rub. Thanks 315/70/17 KO2 17x9.5 Black Rhino Roku +12 2 inch ready lift level Slight rubbing on inner part of mud flap.
  2. I’ve read and read previous posts. Feel more confused than ever. Maybe I’m trying to find a simple answer to a not simple question. But here goes. I want to put 33”x12.5” tires on some new rims on my 17 Sierra. May even drop down to an 18” rim. Like the updated old school look Was thinking a 2” level kit on front would make that possible without any rub and modifications. I love the look of a full fender well. I’m not a fan of lifted trucks with the tires “underneath”, if that’s makes sense. Basically want my GMC to look like my F-150 pictured. The F-150 has 2” skyjackers. Can I do the same with my GMC?
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