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  1. I do lots of free way driving so 4.10s wouldn’t be the best route which is why I’m asking if 3.73s will make a big difference or not worth the $$
  2. Yes the trucks working perfectly fine I just feel it real sluggish so I’ve read that 3.73s will make a difference  coming from a 17 ram RT 8spd with the 3.92 gearing that would get off the line real quick for a stock truck 
  3. Will the 3.73s make a difference for low end ? Very sluggish as is at the moment worth the swap?
  4. Hey my tires are the factory sIze that came on its oem 20s it a single cab 5.3 completely stock motor wise yea when I manually shift it it’s way better off low end
  5. 2016 Silverado 2wd single cab lowered completely stock on oem 20s stock tires looking to swap gearing to 3.73s due to real sluggish low end
  6. Truck is very sluggish off the line with the oem 3.08s on its stock 20s upgrading to 3.73s will I also need the carrier? From what I’ve read 3.73s will get it off the line pretty quick, can anyone confirm that ?
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