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  1. The pump does whine and groan, both when slamming the brake pedal hard enough, and when trying to turn the wheel Brakes functioned driving the truck home, but only with the pedal fully to the floor. After replacement, I have not tried taking the truck out of gear, as the truck is on a slight slope. But, the pedal has nearly no resistance for its entire travel down. It does, however, flutter if I press the pedal quickly into the floor. Not sure if that’s meaningful information. Also, the pedal will very slowly rise back up after depression I did try to bleed the system, but the wheel would not turn beyond 1 rotation max, after that, it acted as if it hit turn locks, and the pump would groan. I will try to elevate the front end tomorrow. And yes, I know the master isn’t part of the p/s system. I just replaced it because I already had it off, and figured I might as well mention such.
  2. I have a 2000 Silverado 2500 6.0l. Long story short, I was bad and shotgunned parts at it. Replaced Hydroboost, master cylinder, and the power steering pump. Also put in a new return line from hydro boost to pump with an inline filter. I still have no power steering, and the brake pedal goes to the floor and slowly comes back up. I’m lost. Apologies in advance for any poor forum posting, I’m new on here.
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