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  1. The wheels on my '97 K1500 appear to be stockish. They are 16", not sure the width. I'm trying to find replacement center caps and am not having any luck. My wheels don't have a machined slot in the wheel for inserting a screwdriver to pop the hubcaps. Also, the window/cutout/see-thru triangle hole in mine appears to be larger than what I'm finding online. Even the brakes are more visible on mine than the stock pic i found. Everything I find shows my hubcaps should be almost 8" diam, but the wheels I have will only accept a hubcap that is just under 7" diam. I can't imagine them being a
  2. I appreciate the reply but your answer seems counterintuitive. A smaller, skinnier tire can carry more load? I believe that opposite to be true. Compare the tire size of an appliance dolly to passenger car to semi truck to mega dump trucks. The larger the tire, the more surface area it has to distribute the load and reduce the strain on the tire.
  3. Can anyone help explain why my '97 Chevy 1/2 ton 4x4 comes stock with 265/75/16s which are a 1" taller and a 1" wider than my '02 2500HD 8.1l 4x4 that has 245/75/16s? I've always felt like the 3/4 ton sits like a 2wd truck when compared to other "stock" 4x4s on the road. Maybe I have the last one in existence that hasn't had the torsion keys turned up or a leveling kit put on? Was a larger tire size ever an option for a stock 2500HD?
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